8 Hens’ Party Activities for All Your Guests

Cocktail Making

If your hens’ party is just for you and your friends, there’s basically no limit to the amount of fun and naughty activities you can get up to. Of course, when there’s family involved, you do need to tweak things just a little – at least until it’s home time for the older members of your bridal entourage.

Luckily, we’re the experts at curating the perfect hens’ parties in Melbourne. We know how to craft an experience that suits absolutely everyone. Here are some hens night party ideas in Melbourne to focus on.

All-Age Hens’ Activities

1. Choose a Classy Theme

Everyone loves dressing up. Go with a glamorous theme such as Cocktail, The Great Gatsby or even a Garden Party. Whatever the theme, a lot of the fun has already happened just by getting everyone involved, together and in their most elegant clothes. Add some high-end bubbles, top shelf liquor and a spread of canapes, and you’ve got something everyone can enjoy.

2. Ride In Style

Everybody loves a limousine. It’s a real treat for your family members and a great way to add a fun activity to the start and end of this special day. Of course, if your mum and aunts are up for a party, opt for a bus. A bus is still high on class while the sound system ensures everyone arrives with their dancing shoes on.

3. Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right venue is essential for getting everyone on the same page. Your mum and aunt may not love a nightclub, but they will love a house party or even a girl’s weekend away at a luxurious destination. Of course, staying in doesn’t mean the hen misses out. You can organise a topless waiter or stripper home visit and bring all that cheeky fun right to your door. After the right amount of liquor, everyone can be partial to a show by a very talented and very ripped performer.

4. Dance Class

Every woman loves ‘cutting a rug’. It’s a hens’ party, so you can’t learn to tango, however, you can learn the more seductive forms of dance. Everyone will love a burlesque dance lesson. It’s the right mix of cheek and class, and everyone can learn the moves. You’ll especially enjoy seeing your mum try it out, and it gets everyone on the same page. 

5. Get Your Paintbrushes Out

To make this age-appropriate, you can do a bit of life drawing that isn’t quite full-frontal. One of our strippers, or topless waiters, will be happy to oblige. Of course, if everyone is ok with the ‘full show’, that can be organised also. You can even turn it into a competition and get the model to choose the winning drawing.

6. Pick Up a Skill

Hens’ parties don’t have to be all drinking, dancing and nudity. They can be a chance for personal improvement. In addition to learning the arts of dance and art, why not learn how to make some incredible cocktails. Our mixologists can teach you how to make every cocktail concoction, from the classics to the latest and greatest. Oh, and they do it all topless. You could even organise a cooking class to go along with the cocktails.

7. A Bit of Exercise Wouldn’t Go Astray

Are you and your hens a sporty little bunch? There’s no reason that a bit of yoga or HIIT can’t be incorporated into the day. Of course, we recommend you do it before any drinking takes place. There’s nothing like starting the day by getting the blood pumping and burning-off a few calories, and you won’t have to feel guilty about all the alcohol, canapes, and even the late night Maccas run.

8. Trivia Games

A bit of bride-related trivia is always in order. Everyone will love learning more about the bride, and you’re sure to get some very embarrassing information from her. You can write down a series of questions and then go around the room seeing who knows the most. Or, you can quiz the bride on the groom. Just make sure everyone is nice and liquored up before this one kicks off. It’s best if everyone is under the influence of plenty of truth serum.

This is just a sample of what you can get up to. Bachelorette parties can be anything you like. Remember, the perfect party is one that suits both the bride and everyone involved. The special guest will have a lot more fun if everyone is involved, so make sure you consider every single guest when planning out the day.

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