8 Unique Hens’ Night Ideas Melbourne

Every bride is different, so every bride deserves a unique hens party. Melbourne is full of opportunities to spoil your hen in a special way. Magic Hens are the experts in curating hens’ parties. We take care of everything from hiring the venue, to providing the alcohol and of course, producing the entertainment. Read on to discover our top 8 unique hens night ideas in Melbourne.

1. Include a Pamper Session

If you and the girls are about to head out for a night on the town, maybe to one of our famous Magic Men shows, you need to be looking your best. Is there anything better than getting your hair, make-up and nails done by a professional? For something extraordinary, have some professionals visit your meeting place, and you can all get pampered while sipping champagne and preparing yourselves for the debauchery to come.

2. Get Out and Breathe the Country Air

Is the bride-to-be a country girl at heart? Is she more at home among gum trees than skyscrapers? Maybe you should book a B&B, or some other luxe accommodation, in one of the many beautiful areas surrounding Melbourne. You could enjoy a spa weekend at Daylesford, an escape to the wineries of Yarra Valley or combine wining, dining, spa and beach time at the Mornington Peninsula.

We organise home visits, so if you want country time with a sprinkle of nudity and naughty fun, we can arrange a stripper or topless waiter service just for you.

3. Test Your Driving Skills

Every group of girls has that one friend who is a terrible driver. Well, you can settle that once and for all with a bit of go-karting. You can set up a few bets and make a punishment for the loser. One thing is for sure, there can only be one winner (maybe give the bride a bit of a head start!)

4. Are You a Brainy Bunch?

An escape room is a perfect way to test your collective brain skills. The best part is, there’s such a massive range in Melbourne that you can find one to suit your group – scary, fairy tale, espionage, whatever you like! If you have a big group, split into two and see who gets out first. It’s the perfect way to get everyone together and start some bonding before you move on to the drinking, dancing and less savoury aspects of the evening.

5. What About A Good Old Barbie?

There’s nothing like a BBQ. You could get all the girls together on a sunny afternoon, and everyone gets to drink and dine the day and night away in complete comfort. Of course, all BBQ’s escalate and as the drinks flow the inhibitions fall away.

You can start playing some naughty games, and even organise a topless waiter to keep everyone topped up.

Great drink ideas could include a huge bowl of punch or even a table stacked with Pimms jugs. You can go classic BBQ or keep it gourmet with quality cuts and salads. It’s a great way to spoil your hen without spending too much money.

6. An Afternoon of Craft

Does your hen like a bit of crochet, knitting and other arts and crafts? You can easily incorporate a craft lesson into the special day. You could learn anything from gardening to knitting or even tailoring. Just pick something everyone will enjoy, and you’ve turned a bender into a learning experience. How good is that?

7. Create Your Own Festival

If you can get everyone together for an actual festival, that’s a great hens’ weekend. Of course, that can be pretty difficult and pricey. So, find a friend with a sizeable backyard and create your own festival.

Get a DJ or a live band and we can provide topless bartenders that are also mixologists. Hire a food truck, and you’ve got your very own festival. Throw in a strip show for good order, and you’ve created something that you’ll never forget.

8. Tray a Spa Weekend

If you keep your eye on booking sites, you can book yourself a spa weekend for a very reasonable price. This is the type of hens’ weekend that leaves you feeling better, rather than wrecked. Just think about morning massages, afternoon facials and plenty of time gossiping in warm, bubbling and rejuvenating waters.

If you find a spa in a good area, you’ll be able to combine this experience with lots of beautiful foods and nature walks.

This is just a sample of the unique hens’ activities you could select for your bride-to-be. When you go for something unique, you’re sure of creating something memorable. Remember, Magic Hens are here to help you every step of the way, and we can always work around your schedule – no matter how unique your requirements. 

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