Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Hens Night Party in Melbourne

Ultimate List Of The Best Hen's Party Ideas in Melbourne

Hen’s parties are termed as the quintessential gathering for the bride-to-be’s and their gal pals
across Melbourne. After all, it’s the last time to live it up before you make that journey down the

Not everyone is down for a male stripper home visit.

And since doing the ordinary and thinkable is just too mainstream; we’re all about adventure,
innovation and more. So why not spend the last few nights of your freedom in style and sheer
glory with these fabulous Hen’s ideas and locations for women. Trust us when we say that doing
things differently in Melbourne never looked so good.

Every bride is different, so every bride deserves a unique hens’ party. Melbourne is full of opportunities to spoil your hen in a special way. MagicHens male stippers are the experts in curating hens parties. We take care of everything from hiring the venue, to providing the alcohol and of course, producing the entertainment. Read on to discover our top 8 unique hens night ideas in Melbourne.

Let’s begin with the basics.

night in hens night

Getting the Basics Right

It All Starts With The Transport

Why wait for the fun to start when you can order a limousine or a party bus? With both options, you get to start the party right away. You can enjoy some bubbles on the way, have full control over the music and with a party bus you can even loosen up those limbs for a night of serious dancing. Why not organise a topless waiter to entertain the girls on the way in?

Choose A Fun Theme

It’s impossible not to have fun when everyone is dressed up. Choose your favourite movie, period of time or even activity and make sure everyone is dressed the same. It can be as luxurious or naughty as you like. Team it with plenty of drinks, good music, a great strip show, some beautiful canapes and you’re set.

Find the Right Venue

A good venue really is essential to making the day perfect. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can do it in a backyard, hire out a private room or even go for a girl’s weekend away. The essentials are making sure that everyone is together, there’s plenty of alcohol, and there’s plenty of male nudity involved.
Don’t Stress Too Much About Budget
You shouldn’t stress too much about the budget, but don’t go too crazy. Think about the people in the group that make the least amount of money and make it suit them (within reason).
Think about all attendees. If the bride’s mum feels uncomfortable with full frontal nudity, you can ask the stripper to keep his undies on.

Pace the alcohol. Don’t start the day with shots, you want to last till the end.

If you’re worried about planning, ask the team at Magic Hens to look after everything for you.
Planning a great hens night is surprisingly hard, so leave it to an expert and just enjoy the build-up.

We've been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of the best hens party providers in Melbourne!


Organise a Hens Package

Magic Hens have a package to suit every need. Get in touch with us today, we’re always happy to customise packages to suit your needs and your budget.

If classy is more your style, check out our top 5 classy Hen’s ideas.

Are you planning a hens night or party for a bride to be that likes things classy? The secret to preparing a hens night is to pick something that will suit the bride. There’s no point booking a crazy night out if she prefers to be tucked in bed by midnight.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can plan a fun but classy hens night. Use these ideas for inspiration.

Trying to plan a hen’s party is overwhelming at the best of times, let alone trying to make it a magical experience that the bride won’t forget. That’s where Magic Hens comes in. We’re experts in curating the perfect bachelorette party. Here are some tried and true ideas that are sure to make you have one of the most magical hens nights.

A Hen’s Party Bus or Limo

Why not ride in style for the night with a party bus or limo? A Melbourne hen’s party bus can be a fun way to arrive at your destination, or even be the party venue itself! Without the need for a designated driver, everyone is free to let loose to drink, sing and dance. The biggest issue you’ll face is deciding who gets control over the AUX cord.

You can even spice up this experience by having one of our topless waiters or male strippers already on board. We’re sure to add an element of surprise and excitement to what would already be a fun experience! Check out our party bus package to take the stress out of organising the night.

limo hens party

A Night In

Staying at home for your hen’s night doesn’t have to be boring. House parties are a great option for so many reasons, especially considering that they are not only budget-friendly but they give you complete free reign over catering and entertainment – all from the comfort of your own home!

House parties are always amazing. They’re budget, there are really no rules, and no one has to worry about getting home. You can still enjoy incredible foods and drinks, and our strippers and topless waiters always say that things get a little crazier when everyone stays home. Choose your favourite theme, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a raging hens party.

Magic Hens can provide a male strip show or topless waiters for the night (or both!) to add a little naughtiness and fun to the night. Our services can include a variety of fun and cheeky party games that are sure to tickle everyone’s fancy.

What About a Good Ol’ Barbie?

There’s nothing like a BBQ. You could get all the girls together on a sunny afternoon, and everyone gets to drink and dine the day and night away in complete comfort. Of course, all BBQ’s escalate and as the drinks flow the inhibitions fall away.

You can start playing some naughty games, and even organise a topless waiter to keep everyone topped up.

Great drink ideas could include a huge bowl of punch or even a table stacked with Pimms jugs. You can go classic BBQ or keep it gourmet with quality cuts and salads. It’s a great way to spoil your hen without spending too much money.

Are You a Brainy Bunch?

An escape room is a perfect way to test your collective brain skills. The best part is, there’s such a massive range in Melbourne that you can find one to suit your group – scary, fairy tale, espionage, whatever you like! If you have a big group, split into two and see who gets out first. It’s the perfect way to get everyone together and start some bonding before you move on to the drinking, dancing and less savoury aspects of the evening.

Include a Pamper Session

If you and the girls are about to head out for a night on the town, maybe to one of our famous Magic Men shows, you need to be looking your best. Is there anything better than getting your hair, make-up and nails done by a professional? For something extraordinary, have some professionals visit your meeting place, and you can all get pampered while sipping champagne and preparing yourselves for the debauchery to come.

If you’re planning a night out on the town, why not have a pampering session beforehand? It can be a great way to get in the mood while also relaxing before what’s bound to be a big night. Getting your makeup, hair, and nails done by a professional can help you to feel fabulous and provide the perfect experience to make everyone feel like a glamorous superstar.

pamper hens party

A Spa Weekend

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so having a relaxing spa weekend can be a great way for everyone to unwind and relax for a bit. This is the kind of bachelorette party that can leave everyone feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, rather than wrecked. It also provides the perfect environment for everyone to catch up and have a gossip.

A relaxing, indulgent and luxurious spa and massage party could be just what the doctor ordered. All the girls can get together, and have a glass of champagne before they descend into an afternoon of ultimate pampering.

This party could be used to prepare the girls for a night of debauchery, or, used to recuperate from the night before. Either way, it’s a treat your special bride deserves and a chance for all the hens to look after themselves in a way they never usually would.

There’s no reason your bride can’t enjoy a healthy weekend for her special day. If she isn’t into partying, why not book in for a spa weekend and a bit of yoga? After all that stretching and pampering, she’ll be more than ready for her big day.

It doesn’t all have to be healthy. You could use the pampering and yoga as a way to either gear up or wind down from some serious drinking and dancing.
If you keep your eye on booking sites, you can book yourself a spa weekend for a very reasonable price. This is the type of hens’ weekend that leaves you feeling better, rather than wrecked. Just think about morning massages, afternoon facials and plenty of time gossiping in warm, bubbling and rejuvenating waters.

If you find a spa in a good area, you’ll be able to combine this experience with lots of beautiful foods and nature walks.

Trying to plan a hens night in Melbourne? There are plenty of adventures on offer for your bride-to-be in our fair city. The problem is, the myriad options can become a curse when you’re left juggling ideas.

Luckily, Magic Hens are the experts in what makes a bachelorette party special, so here are the top 10 ideas from our expert team.

Hire Your Own Venue

Hiring your own venue can be a great option to let loose and have a wild night with (almost) no rules. You have complete freedom to choose a theme, catering, and the people there. No more waiting in line for the bathroom or being harassed by random men at a club.

If you hire out your own venue, you and the rest of the hens can get up to whatever they like. There are no rules (almost), and you’ll have free reign – no waiting in line at the bar or for the toilet and no being harassed by men that are intent on disrupting this most sacred of nights! Magic Hens can help you out with venue hire, and we have relationships with some of the best in Melbourne.

Magic Hens can help to provide the entertainment with some of the best Melbourne male strippers and topless waiters. We can also help to organise your hen’s night venues Melbourne, taking out a lot of the stress in organising your bachelorette party.

A Cheeky Night Out

Why not make the most of the bride’s last hurrah before walking down the aisle with a bit of cheeky entertainment on a night out? A male strip club can provide the perfect venue to make your bachelorette night something special.

Magic Hens can offer you VIP access to the best Melbourne male strip clubs. You and your friends can bask in presence of some of the hottest, most chiselled men in Melbourne.

Our hit new show, Magic Men “Feel the Magic”, provides three hours of entertainment including performances, lap dances, games, and body shots. Our Magic Men were voted Australia’s Best Male Dance Group for a reason – they provide the best male strip show in Melbourne and are guaranteed to have everyone feeling more than a little hot and bothered.

Get Out and Breathe The Country Air

Is the bride-to-be a country girl at heart? Is she more at home among gum trees than skyscrapers? Maybe you should book a B&B, or some other luxe accommodation, in one of the many beautiful areas surrounding Melbourne. You could enjoy a spa weekend at Daylesford, an escape to the wineries of Yarra Valley or combine wining, dining, spa and beach time at the Mornington Peninsula.

We organise home visits, so if you want country time with a sprinkle of nudity and naughty fun, we can arrange a stripper or topless waiter service just for you.

Learn Something New

A bachelorette party can be the perfect time to learn something new and fun. Magic Hens offers a bunch of different classes that incorporate learning with a bit of sexiness. With us, you can learn:

  • Cocktail Making
  • Lap Dancing
  • Twerking
  • Life Drawing
  • Burlesque

Magic Hens offers a whole range of classes designed for hens. From seductive dancing to naughty art, we strongly recommend you use this opportunity to learn something that you’ll be able to apply for the rest of your life.

burlesque hens party

Luxury on the Water

Hiring a luxury yacht or cruiser for the night can be a glamorous and classy option for your bachelorette party. Summer would be perfect for this kind of hen’s party. Enjoy canapes and cocktails on the water while your favourite music plays.

It’s also the perfect environment to hire some of our topless waiters – their abs look particularly good glistening in the sun. And, of course, they’re talented cocktail makers and so are sure to keep your drinks topped up while also helping to provide entertainment in the form of some cheeky party games.

Everyone loves boats. The groom may have organised a fishing charter for his bucks, but you can take a tour around one of Melbourne’s many beautiful waterways without the smell of fish guts. Organise a luxe yacht or cruiser, stock the boat with delicious drinks and delectable delights and get one of our topless waiters to serve it all up. That’s perfection.

High Tea

High tea is perfect for a pack of classy hens. You can visit your favourite high tea venue or create one at home. Think towers of delectable delights ranging from macaroons to triangle sandwiches, salmon topped blintzes, pastries and other mini-treats deserving of a high-tea.

Of course, champagne and Prosecco will be flowing, and the scene is perfect for all the hens to get together and chat about the bride-to-be.

You can even set a dress code. Ladies could dress in period dresses, or it may be an all-white or all pink party to keep things nicely angelic and girly. Fill the room with flowers and ribbons, and you’ve got the perfect classy afternoon planned for your bride-to-be.

Plenty of places around Melbourne offer great high teas. This is perfect for the classy hen, all the girls can get together for a gossip, some mini sandwiches, delicious pastries and plenty of champagne. You can even host one at home for a hens experience on a budget.

Host your dream chic high-tea party for your nearest and dearest girls at the ever so popular
Mary Eats Cake. Whether you wish to experience an evening full of luxury and grandeur at the
classic Brunswick Tea House or decide to bring the same regal hosting experience home, the
choice is all yours.

You’ll find your party to be the talk of the town with gourmet sweet and savory items, all served
with top quality English brewed tea. Did we mention the splendid décor? It’s truly a magical
evening full of formal sophistication in the air. What better way to make the bride and her
bridesmaids feel royal all night long.

If you want class with a little bit of cheek, why not organise a topless waiter to ferry the champagne and prosecco around? Think of them as a beautiful ornament to top off the scene!

high tea hens

Foodie or Winery Tour

If your hen knows her foie gras from her caviar, and her Pinot from her Barbara a foodie or winery tour is just what she needs. Organise transport, get all the girls in their best frocks and head to the Yarra Valley or the Mornington Peninsula for a day of indulgence.

Melbourne is packed with high-end eating and drinking establishments. If your bride loves her dining and wining, this is a great option. It’s especially perfect for smaller groups, and most restaurants will even offer a special menu that makes the whole thing affordable.

Why not splash out in style with a five-star gourmet meal delivered to perfection? We’re talking
a road trip to Cape Otway, with a final stop at the renowned restaurant known as Brae.
The award-winning location is the brainchild of Chef Dan Hunter and this is why there’s no
compromise on food whatsoever. You’ll find an extensive menu comprising of impeccable
dishes, created from handpicked fresh ingredients coming straight from Hunter’s garden.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can choose to stay at the guest suite available for you and your
girlfriends to enjoy. Now that’s what we call memories to last a lifetime.

Struggling for transport? Want the party to carry on? We offer a limo and party bus service that will take you and all the girls from your final destination to the after party in style. You may even have a little treat waiting for you when you board.

Embark on the Aussie Brewery Tour for an unwinding experience

Great wine and good company is an absolute match made in heaven. Take advantage of the
Aussie Brewery Tour by sipping your way through luscious green hills of the beautiful Yarra
Valley. This place is known for the exquisite wine, beer, and cider too.

Refresh yourself with the serene views of nature as you make your way from brewery to cider
houses and beyond. Then head on over towards a fantastic food and wine spread. This has
been laid out in the middle of the fields just for you and your girls to enjoy. It’s truly a
breathtaking experience and the perfect chance to break free from wedding fever taking over.

hens winery tour

A Luxury Cruise

A summer hens party is the perfect time for a luxury, classy booze cruise. You can hire a boat, enjoy luxury canapes, cocktails and wine. You can play all your favourite music and play more than a few drinking and other hens games. All the girls can wear bathers or white sarongs, get nice and sun-kissed and then head out on the town. We can even help you out with the post party. You can catch a Magic Men show and carry on at one of our partner clubs.

Of course, our topless waiters do look incredible in the sun, and they’re very talented at mixing cocktails and keeping those glasses topped up.
Create Your Own Festival
If you can get everyone together for an actual festival, that’s a great hens’ weekend. Of course, that can be pretty difficult and pricey. So, find a friend with a sizeable backyard and create your own festival.

Get a DJ or a live band and we can provide topless bartenders that are also mixologists. Hire a food truck, and you’ve got your very own festival. Throw in a strip show for good order, and you’ve created something that you’ll never forget.

hens cruise

Cocktail Party

A classy hen will love a cocktail party. Everyone gets dressed up, beautiful dinks and canapes are served, and the setting is perfect for a long-awaited catch-up and plenty of gossiping about the bride-to-be.

If you want to turn up the fun just a little, you can organise a topless waiter to serve the canapes and the drinks, and make sure everyone is having fun.

Want even more fun? Why not organise a visit from our strippers, they put on a fun and classy show that is as naughty or tame as you like. They get everyone involved and help to drop those pesky inhibitions.

Magic Men offers a range of packages to suit a cocktail party. We can help with transport, alcohol and even venue hire.

Whatever idea you go for, it’s essential that you keep these following points in mind:

It needs to be something the bride-to-be will love and feel comfortable with.

It has to be appropriate for all attendees, so check if Grandma is attending before you lock anything in.

Make sure it’s affordable and take budget into account. The bride would much rather have all her nearest and dearest in attendance than have an expensive day that only a few can attend
Make it memorable, the bride should love every minute of it, but it should be something a little out of the ordinary.

Remember these points, and you’ll give the beautiful bride the hens day or night she deserves.

Prefer a more luxurious hens night?

Every girl only gets one hen’s party (if everything goes according to plan!!). So, you have to make it count. A hen’s night is definitely not the time to play it safe, and it’s definitely not the time to worry about a budget. For one night, you are the queen. Everything is about you, and you deserve a night that is both luxurious and crazy.

Let’s look at the luxurious side first.

Luxurious Hens Party Ideas

Hen’s parties are always about being naughty. It’s about shots off body parts, lots of clothes coming off and doing things you would never usually do. You get a bit of a hall pass—so why not make the most of it?

But, all that naughtiness doesn’t have to come at the expense of luxury. Here’s how you can turn up the class on your special day or night:

Order a Limousine

Nothing is more fun or luxurious than a trip in a limousine. Picture bottles of Moet, music of your choice and the privacy to get up to whatever you like on the way in and out. If you really want to turn up the fun, throw a chiselled topless waiter into the mix, and you have the perfect plaything for your limo experience. If you’re holding a large hens party, a bus might be the ideal option. They can be just as luxurious while keeping everyone together.


The themes you choose can create a luxurious feel. Think about a cocktail, The Great Gatsby or burlesque themes to ensure a luxurious and classy feel. If everyone is fitted out in beautiful dresses, sipping glasses of Moet or martinis and eating beautifully presented canapes, well, it can’t get any more luxurious than that.


If you want luxury, the venue is the perfect place to start. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, you can’t beat a girl’s weekend away at a spa retreat. Massages and facials all day, and topless waiters, cheeky games and plenty of drinks at night. If you want something a little closer to home, why not hire out a corner in a classy nightclub. You can get a private topless waiter, a bottle of grey goose, your own choice of mixers and the privacy to do things you would never usually get away with in a public setting.

Crazy Hens Party Ideas

Learn How to Dance

We’re not talking about ballroom dancing, we’re talking about some of the more seductive forms of dancing. Twerk or burlesque dancing lesson will provide a lot of laughs, while also giving the girls something naughty to take home to their significant others. Make sure everyone phones have plenty of charge, because these lessons are just made for Snapchat stories. You can even try out some of your moves on the topless waiters, or anyone else you come across during the night.

Do you ever wish you had a few more moves in the bank? Today isn’t the day to learn how to tango or foxtrot, it’s the time for something a little more seductive. You could take a burlesque dancing lesson or even learn how to twerk. The results of both lessons will be hilarious, especially when the bride’s mum or aunty is testing out her booty-shaking skills. Get the phones out and film the results and ask the topless waiters to be props. The best part is, you can take all your new moves to the dancefloor when it’s time to head out.

Jane Fondle’s dance class is everything a bride needs at her Hen’s event

With an extensive array of booty dance workouts and hula hoop lessons to work those thighs,
hips, and buttocks, Jane Fondle is turning up the heat at her dance classes. And we believe it’s
the ultimate form of exercise and entertainment at any Hen’s event.

Whether you’ve got the moves or not, every girl will surely be making her way to the dance floor
in no time. Accompanied by some of the finest beats, Jane’s infectious personality and a little
champagne of course; it’s truly a night full of fun. Don’t forget to wear those spandex ladies.

Life Drawing

Picture this. All the girls are called into a room, the lights are off, and a single spotlight shines on the stage. Everyone is handed paper and pencils, and a rippling, chiselled male appears on stage. Welcome to life drawing. To make the game even more naughty, get the model to choose the best, and it’s her turn to go up on stage.

Life drawing is the cheekiest way to have fun. Just organise a chiselled hunk to derobe and find out who is the best drawer of the group. Your bashful friends will be doing plenty of giggling, and of course, there has to be a prize or punishment for the most life-like appendage.

life drawing hens party

Test Your Driving Skills

Every group of girls has that one friend who is a terrible driver. Well, you can settle that once and for all with a bit of go-karting. You can set up a few bets and make a punishment for the loser. One thing is for sure, there can only be one winner (maybe give the bride a bit of a head start!)

Cheeky Games

You need to choose plenty of games that are designed to test the girls’ barriers. We’re talking hard-hitting questions and big reveals. Truth or Dare is always perfect for making your friends either embarrass themselves or let go of some naughty secrets (don’t leave the bride out of this). If you want something a little more PG but still just as much fun, play Dress The Bride. Get two teams and two willing participants and see who can make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper, twigs, leaves and appoint a judge. Losing team has to do shots!

There’s no room for inhibition on a hen’s night, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to play some barrier-dropping games. Some of the craziest games are Truth or Dare, or Pin the Penis. In Truth or Dare, you set the truths and the dares. There’s sure to be plenty of funny moments, just make sure the questions and the dares are befitting of the night (try and find out as much about the bride’s past as you can.) For the Pin the Penis you need blindfolds, a penis-shaped object and a life-size portrait of a suitable man. Then the blindfolded hens have to take turns to try and pin the penis closest to the . . . Ahem. . . Spot.

Get a Stripper

No hen’s night is complete without a stripper, and if everyone is in the right mood, things can get crazy pretty quickly. Even the tamest of girls will go nuts when a big muscly man enters the room. In fact, why not get more than one? If you’re nice, they may even hang around for the after party.

By combing these luxurious and crazy hen’s night ideas, you end up with the perfect mix of class and fun. The most important thing to remember is not to hold back, both in the planning and on the night. Make this the perfect night for the hen and the rest of your friends. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now that you have some ideas, its time to choose a Hen’s Night Theme that everyone will love.

Choosing the right hen night theme is no easy to task. You have to pick something that’s right for the hen, the budget and something that will suit everyone. You want to keep it classy, while still making it naughty enough that everyone has fun and makes it a night you’ll never forget.

There’s a reason great hens parties have always been synonymous with male strippers – they make them more fun! It’s about more than the show, it’s about getting all the girls to lose their inhibitions and go a little crazy. This is what a good strip show is all about, it’s not just about the nudity it’s about the experience and getting all the girls together to do something you would never usually do. And that’s how you create the fun!

Use these tips as inspiration. A fun hens night doesn’t have to be anything too crazy or expensive, it’s all about putting the steps in place so everyone feels comfortable and it’s literally impossible not to have fun.

Dress Up Hens

By choosing a dress-up theme, everyone is on the same page from the beginning because you’re all dressed the same. Popular themes are flapper or Great Gatsby themes, or you can even dress as your favourite decade – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, the choice is yours. Just pick a theme that the hen will love and everything else will take care of itself.

Dress up themes are a lot of fun, and you’ll have albums full of parties to look back on. Team it with any of our popular packages, and you’ve got a night that everyone can enjoy.

Cocktail Party

Who doesn’t love a cocktail party? They’re classy, alcohol-fuelled and everyone gets to pick a beautiful dress. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all champagne and canapes. Why not get one of our topless waiters to ferry the drinks to and from the bar (and have a little fun in between).

Of course, you can even organise a visit from our strippers. They’ll put on a show and get everyone on the worst behaviour.

If a cocktail party sounds like your idea of a good night, have a look through our packages. We can look after venue hire, transport and even provide the alcohol and some very talented and very shirtless mixologists.

cocktail party hens

Sporty Themes

Is your hen a bit of a sports nut? Is she more at home smashing through an f45 session than cutting a rug? It’s her party, so it’s gotta be her way. Why not organise a bridal boot camp? Get all the girls to join in on an exercise session, or maybe play a match of netball or basketball to remind you of your high school days.

You can always hit the town afterwards, and the bride-to-be will be ready for a big night once she’s satisfied that exercise bug.

Healthy Hen?

If you and the girls prefer green smoothies over manhattans and yoga over all-nighters, organise a healthy hen weekend. Book accommodation and get all the girls together for fruit platters, yoga, smoothies and even a massage or spa session.

It doesn’t all have to be stretching and rejuvenation. A healthy hen will love feasting her eyes on a sturdy set of muscles and abs, so get in touch with us for a home visit. Our hunky and athletic boys have the moves to wow all the girls, and they may even get the healthiest of hens in the mood for a few drinks and some fun after midnight.

Most friendship groups love nothing more than a bit of competition. Why not rewind the years and get the girls together for a bit of laser tag or even a go-kart race. Make sure you save the drinks until after you’ve torn around a dark room or zoomed around the track. This is a great way to get everyone together, and someone will enjoy bragging rights for the rest of the day.

Party Bus Theme

Sometimes the best hens nights happen on wheels. Our party bus package means the theme takes care of itself. Everyone piles onto the bus, the music is turned way up, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is on their way to the perfect night out.

Remember joy rides when you were young? All the girls piled into a car, screaming your favourite song at the top of your lungs? Well, with a limo or party bus you can do that in complete safety. No designated driver, no need to overload, there’s plenty of space to drink and sing, and if you go with the bus option you can even dance!

You get complete control over the AUX cord, and we can even have a topless waiter or stripper waiting on board to provide the ultimate service and a very naughty private show.

The bus includes a stripper pole, it fits 43 people, and it will ferry you to a Magic Men show. Our shows have become renowned around the globe as the best male revue show in Australia.

The best part about this theme is everything is taken care of. The price includes transport, drinks and a show and you won’t have to worry about getting home!

Home Flower Power Party

Is the special bride a bit of homebody? Why not organise a flower party at her home. You can fill their home with flowers and pink ribbons and make flower headbands, potpourri and everything else you need to make a little paradise.

Get everyone to turn up in a floral or white dress, and you’ll look like a team of angels, sipping on champagne, eating beautiful food and celebrating the wonderful bride.

If you want a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, organise a topless waiter to host some games. You can play truth or dare, trivia or even set up a scavenger hunt full of naughty items.

This is just a sample of the themes you could set up. When you’re coming up with ideas, just keep these tips in mind:

It has to be all about the bride

  • It has to be something for everyone to enjoy (remember, Grandma might be there)
  • Make it affordable, and make sure all the important people can get there (a trip to Bali sounds fun until only 5 people can actually make it)
  • If your hens’ party is just for you and your friends, there’s basically no limit to the amount of fun and naughty activities you can get up to. Of course, when there’s family involved, you do need to tweak things just a little – at least until it’s home time for the older members of your bridal entourage.

Luckily, we’re the experts at curating the perfect hens’ parties in Melbourne. We know how to craft an experience that suits absolutely everyone. Here are some ideas to focus on.

Are you planning on having your in-laws and mother at your hens? Need something a little more tame?

All Age Hen’s Activities


Choose a Classy Theme

Everyone loves dressing up. Go with a glamorous theme such as Cocktail, The Great Gatsby or even a Garden Party. Whatever the theme, a lot of the fun has already happened just by getting everyone involved, together and in their most elegant clothes. Add some high-end bubbles, top shelf liquor and a spread of canapes, and you’ve got something everyone can enjoy.

Ride in Style

Everybody loves a limousine. It’s a real treat for your family members and a great way to add a fun activity to the start and end of this special day. Of course, if your mum and aunts are up for a party, opt for a bus. A bus is still high on class while the sound system ensures everyone arrives with their dancing shoes on.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right venue is essential for getting everyone on the same page. Your mum and aunt may not love a nightclub, but they will love a house party or even a girl’s weekend away at a luxurious destination. Of course, staying in doesn’t mean the hen misses out. You can organise a topless waiter or stripper home visit and bring all that cheeky fun right to your door. After the right amount of liquor, everyone can be partial to a show by a very talented and very ripped performer.

If you can’t remember the last time you had all the girls together for a weekend, the bride is sure to love this idea. Melbourne is surrounded by perfect spots for getaways. Enjoy wine and a soak in the springs on the Mornington Peninsula, head out for wine and gourmet food on the Yarra Valley or travel to the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region for a weekend of divine pampering.

If you want to relax and have a bit of fun too, we can provide you with topless waiters and strippers who will be happy to make the trip.

Dance Class

Every woman loves ‘cutting a rug’. It’s a hens’ party, so you can’t learn to tango, however, you can learn the more seductive forms of dance. Everyone will love a burlesque dance lesson. It’s the right mix of cheek and class, and everyone can learn the moves. You’ll especially enjoy seeing your mum try it out, and it gets everyone on the same page.

Ever thought of swaying away to the sound of the beat with the gals? If not, then hop on the
bandwagon of a memorable blast from the past adventure. Under lead instructor Clarissa, learn
an array of hip thrusting, heart beating moves to the hits of the 80’s era.
A session of this 80’s inspired dance class involves a humor-filled photo shoot, some sparkling
champagne and dance lessons to cherish forever. How fun is that?

80s dance party

Get Your Paintbrushes Out

To make this age-appropriate, you can do a bit of life drawing that isn’t quite full-frontal. One of our strippers, or topless waiters, will be happy to oblige. Of course, if everyone is ok with the ‘full show’, that can be organised also. You can even turn it into a competition and get the model to choose the winning drawing.

Does your hen like a bit of crochet, knitting and other arts and crafts? You can easily incorporate a craft lesson into the special day. You could learn anything from gardening to knitting or even tailoring. Just pick something everyone will enjoy, and you’ve turned a bender into a learning experience. How good is that?

Pick Up a Skill

Hens’ parties don’t have to be all drinking, dancing and nudity. They can be a chance for personal improvement. In addition to learning the arts of dance and art, why not learn how to make some incredible cocktails. Our mixologists can teach you how to make every cocktail concoction, from the classics to the latest and greatest. Oh, and they do it all topless. You could even organise a cooking class to go along with the cocktails.

Learn to cook nutritious goodies at the Workshop

Are you a bride to be who’s obsessed with clean eating? If you answered yes, this is the
ultimate form of innovation for your Hen’s party.

Learn an array of the most amazing raw desserts in classes designed for your utmost
participation and enjoyment at the popular Fitzroy hub for creativity. All participants are given
stocked ingredients and taught the basics to some of the healthiest and oh so delicious foods.

This includes nut milk, Kombucha and many others too. What better or should we say
wholesome way to kick-start your prewedding festivities.

A Bit of Exercise Wouldn't Go Astray

Are you and your hens a sporty little bunch? There’s no reason that a bit of yoga or HIIT can’t be incorporated into the day. Of course, we recommend you do it before any drinking takes place. There’s nothing like starting the day by getting the blood pumping and burning-off a few calories, and you won’t have to feel guilty about all the alcohol, canapes, and even the late night Maccas run.

Trivia Games

A bit of bride-related trivia is always in order. Everyone will love learning more about the bride, and you’re sure to get some very embarrassing information from her. You can write down a series of questions and then go around the room seeing who knows the most. Or, you can quiz the bride on the groom. Just make sure everyone is nice and liquored up before this one kicks off. It’s best if everyone is under the influence of plenty of truth serum.

This is just a sample of what you can get up to. Bachelorette parties can be anything you like. Remember, the perfect party is one that suits both the bride and everyone involved. The special guest will have a lot more fun if everyone is involved, so make sure you consider every single guest when planning out the day.