Dance Moves: The Male Stripper Show Go-Tos

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When it comes to a male stripper show, there are some moves that make the women in the audience go absolutely wild. If you’re a man and want to know how to impress the special lady in your life, or you’re a woman and want to know what to request from the male stripper you’re about to hire for a bachelorette night, here are some of our male stripper show moves that are sure to make everyone in the room feel a little hot and heavy.

The Moves

The ‘Come to Mama’

Usually fairly on in a routine, this move is when the male stripper rips off his shirt with both of his hands to reveal his rock-hard, chiselled abs. It makes any woman want to crawl all over him, hence why the name ‘come to mama’ is perfect.

The ‘Christian Grey’s Helicopter’

Christian Grey, from Fifty Shades of Grey, is the man of many women’s fantasies, and if you’re a fan of the books you’ll know that he loves helicopters. This move involves the male stripper swinging an item of clothing he’s just removed over his head like a helicopter propeller, reminiscent of Christian Grey’s much beloved helicopter.

The ‘Jumping Jacked Rabbit’

This move requires a bit of training and practice, but once a male stripper has nailed it, it’s a sure-fire way to make the ladies go crazy. The ‘jumping jacked rabbit’ involves the male stripper flexing his pecs one at a time, making it look like they’re ‘jumping’. It’s a fun move that makes it impossible to not look at the male stripper’s incredibly hot body (though it’s unlikely that anyone wasn’t already).

The ‘Chair-y Pop’

Props are always fun when incorporated into a show and chairs are a great way to spice up any male strip show. Not only are they a perfect way to get someone from the audience involved (performing a strip tease to a woman sitting on a chair in the middle of the stage will almost always make her swoon), they can also be used to perform some extremely sexy moves. The ‘chair-y pop’ involves the male stripper bracing themselves against the seat of the chair in a plank position and doing push ups, body rolls and other sensual hip movements.

How to Dance Like a Male Stripper

Knowing the best male stripper moves is one thing, but knowing how to execute them to achieve the desired affect is another. Here are some of our top tips on how to embody the magic of male stripping.

Body Control

Having perfect control over every inch of your body takes a lot of practice but is worth it in the long run. It makes for a sensual yet interesting male strip routine as it means the stripper can contrast fast moves with slow and also control which part of the body the audience is focusing on.

For example, if the male stripper is dancing at a fast pace and then all of a sudden slows down, the people watching will pay attention to every little thing he does with his body, meaning he has can direct their attention to certain parts of his body. From there, the women watching are free to imagine whatever they like about that body part.

Focus on the Hips

A lot of men find moving their hips stiff and awkward, but it’s an essential part of adding sensuality to a strip routine – think of Latino dancing and the way so much eroticism is created just from the movements of the hips.

While learning how to move your hips forward and back (hip thrusts) is obvious, learning how to move them from side to side and in a circular movement is just as important. Being able to draw a woman’s attention to your hips gives them an endless amount of scenarios to fantasise about.

Floor Dancing

This move has become particularly popular since Magic Men was released and for good reason – when a male stripper is practically making love to the floor it makes it very easy for a woman watching to imagine herself beneath him instead.

But it’s not as easy as just dropping to the floor and thrusting your hips – there’s technique involved to make it look good. The best way to keep a floor routine entertaining is by keeping it interesting and doing a variety of movements.

Choose the Right Music

Setting the atmosphere with the right music is half the battle when it comes to performing the perfect male stripper show routine. The right song will put the audience and the stripper in the right mood, and from there the moves will come pretty naturally.