Fun Hens Party Ideas

fun hens night bachelorette party ideas

Every girl’s hens night should be the best night of her life. That means, it should be full of fun. You’ve only got one night (hopefully), so it’s time to pull out all the stops, forget about the budget, forget about the rules and get the girls together for a night of unbridled fun. 

Here are some ideas for hens night party to get you started on the way to a great hens night.

Getting The Basics Right

  • It All Starts With The Transport: Why wait for the fun to start when you can order a limousine or a party bus? With both options, you get to start the party right away. You can enjoy some bubbles on the way, have full control over the music and with a party bus you can even loosen up those limbs for a night of serious dancing. Why not organise a topless waiter to entertain the girls on the way in?
  • Choose A Fun Theme: It’s impossible not to have fun when everyone is dressed up. Choose your favourite movie, period of time or even activity and make sure everyone is dressed the same. It can be as luxurious or naughty as you like. Team it with plenty of drinks, good music, a great strip show, some beautiful canapes and you’re set.
  • Find the Right Venue: A good venue really is essential to making the day perfect. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can do it in a backyard, hire out a private room or even go for a girl’s weekend away. The essentials are making sure that everyone is together, there’s plenty of alcohol, and there’s plenty of male nudity involved. 

Fun Hen’s Party Activities

  • Pick Up Some New Moves: Do you ever wish you had a few more moves in the bank? Today isn’t the day to learn how to tango or foxtrot, it’s the time for something a little more seductive. You could take a burlesque dancing lesson or even learn how to twerk. The results of both lessons will be hilarious, especially when the bride’s mum or aunty is testing out her booty-shaking skills. Get the phones out and film the results and ask the topless waiters to be props. The best part is, you can take all your new moves to the dancefloor when it’s time to head out.
  • A Little Bit of Painting Perhaps? Life drawing is the cheekiest way to have fun. Just organise a chiselled hunk to derobe and find out who is the best drawer of the group. Your bashful friends will be doing plenty of giggling, and of course, there has to be a prize or punishment for the most life-like appendage. 
  • Games Are Always Fun: You need to choose plenty of games that are designed to test the girls’ barriers. We’re talking hard-hitting questions and big reveals. Truth or Dare is always perfect for making your friends either embarrass themselves or let go of some naughty secrets (don’t leave the bride out of this). If you want something a little more PG but still just as much fun, play Dress The Bride. Get two teams and two willing participants and see who can make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper, twigs, leaves and appoint a judge. Losing team has to do shots!
  • A Strip Show is a Must: There’s a reason great hens parties have always been synonymous with male strippers – they make them more fun! It’s about more than the show, it’s about getting all the girls to lose their inhibitions and go a little crazy. This is what a good strip show is all about, it’s not just about the nudity it’s about the experience and getting all the girls together to do something you would never usually do. And that’s how you create the fun!

Use these tips as inspiration. A fun hens night doesn’t have to be anything too crazy or expensive, it’s all about putting the steps in place so everyone feels comfortable and it’s literally impossible not to have fun.

Tips & Tricks for Planning a Hen’s

When planning your hens night, keep the following in mind:

  • You shouldn’t stress too much about the budget, but don’t go too crazy. Think about the people in the group that make the least amount of money and make it suit them (within reason).
  • Think about all attendees. If the bride’s mum feels uncomfortable with full frontal nudity, you can ask the stripper to keep his undies on.
  • Pace the alcohol. Don’t start the day with shots, you want to last till the end.
  • If you’re worried about planning, ask the team at Magic Hens to look after everything for you. Planning a great hens night is surprisingly hard, so leave it to an expert and just enjoy the build-up.

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