Games and Ideas to Do With Topless Waiters

Topless Waiters

Topless waiters make every hens night more fun! Firstly, they add that element of cheeky naughtiness that no hens’ night is complete without. Secondly, your topless waiters will look after all the drink pouring so you can focus on making sure the night is one to remember.

Here are some ideas for games to play with your topless waiters.

Guess What

Arrange for one of the bridesmaids to fill a bag with some naughty shaped and textured items (we’ll leave that to your imagination). On the night of the party, each hen has to rummage through the bag and then correctly guess what it is that she has grabbed. The hen with the highest number of correct guesses wins. Trust us-the guesses are always hilarious! You can even enlist the help of your friendly topless waiter to hold the goodie bag for you.

To Do List

Every hen must write down a task that they want the bride to perform before the night is through. For example, you could make her give your topless waiter a lap dance or try and get a guy’s number. You must take a photo of the bride completing each task; the photos will make for great memories in years to come.

No Hands

This one isn’t for the fainthearted. The bride has to have her hands tied behind her back while she tries to place a condom on a cucumber or banana. The bride can use whatever technique she likes; she just has to get it on! Once again, why not ask your topless waiter for a favour: he’ll be more than happy to hold your banana!

Pin the Penis

Sounds painful, right?! For this game, you’ll need to photocopy and enlarge a picture of a chiselled model (perhaps one of our waiters?!). You can then stick a photo of the groom’s face in place for extra giggles. Each hen receives a cardboard cut-out penis with their name on it. Whoever sticks their penis closest to the right spot while blindfolded wins!

Truth or Dare

This one is a classic, and it’s sure to get out of hand on a hens night. Make sure everyone is nice and tipsy before you start this game. Make sure the dares are challenging, and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions – you’re sure to find out a lot about each other!

The dares could include:

  • Getting a piggyback ride from a guy
  • Stealing a kiss (only for the single hens!)
  • Doing a tabletop dance
  • Having a lapdance from one of our topless waiters

Scavenger Hunt

For this game, the bridesmaids will need to put together a list of naughty or cheeky items. Before the hens’ party starts, hide the items all around the venue. At the beginning of the party, divide your guests into teams and have them find as many of the items as possible throughout the course of the party. The winning team gets to dole out the punishment to the rest: perhaps a round of shots would be most appropriate! If you want to get your topless waiter involved in this game, why not ask him to act as your adjudicator? Or, he even be willing to donate an item to your list.


There are a number of ways you can incorporate trivia into your topless waiter experience:

  • Bride-to-Be: Before the hens’ party, arrange for one of the bridesmaids to ask the bride some questions about her life. Make sure the questions tease out all the embarrassing, naughty things she never wanted anyone to know. Questions like: how old were you when you had your first kiss? When did you know the groom was the one? Read out the questions, with each hen writing down her answers as you play along. Whoever guesses the most answers right wins; whoever gets a question wrong has to take a shot!
  • Know-Each-Other: Before the hens’ party, compile a list of questions about the groom. Record the groom’s answers. Then, during the hens’ party, ask the bride-to-be all the same questions to see how many she gets right. This one always gets a lot of laughs!
  • Great Memories: This game also gets a lot of laughs, but it can also cause a few tears to be shed. But, after all, what’s a hen’s night without a few tears over great memories? Each hen receives a post-it and a pen, and they have to write down a memorable experience they’ve had with the bride-to-be. You stick all the notes on a wall, and the bride has to guess which hen wrote which story, before expanding on the story.

Other Great Ideas

  • Take photos of each other in the most daring and scandalous poses with the barmen and topless waiters
  • Make every hen give and receive a lap dance from one of the sexy waiters
  • Get a massage from one of the skilled topless waiters
  • Use the waiter as the model for Pin the Penis to add a risqué element to the game
  • Do body shots off the topless waiter