Topless Waiter Games

If you really want to spice up your hens party and become the talk of the town, hire our sexy Magic Men’s topless waiters and barmen. You can use our gorgeous topless waiters and barmen for fun games that will break the ice and get everyone in the mood for some fun.

At Magic Men’s we have the biggest selection of great looking topless waiters and barmen in Melbourne. Not only do our topless waiters and barmen look good enough to eat, they have great personalities as well. Our topless waiters and barmen will help you get the party started and will have all the hens laughing, cheering and having a fantastic time right through until the end of the party. They will even stay and help to clean-up afterwards.

Hens Topless Waiter and Barmen – The Basics:

  • Our team will lay the tables and help to set-up the decorations.
  • They will prepare and serve delicious food and drinks.
  • Our topless barmen make awesome cocktails while entertaining the hens.
  • The topless waiters will host and be part of some hilarious hens party games.
  • The whole team will use their great personalities to entertain everyone.
  • And they will help to tidy-up and clean afterwards (they really do, no joking!)

Some Great Ideas for Spicing Up Your Party:

  • Have the hens take turns taking some scandalous photos of each other in sexy poses with the topless waiters or barmen.
  • Have the topless waiters and barmen assist in the hosting of games such as truth or dare.
  • Lap dances by the sexy topless waiters for each and every hen is a must.
  • For laughs have the hens perform lap dances on the topless waiters and let the topless waiters choose a winner.
  • Our team of topless waiters is known for the great massages that they give.
  • Play Pin the Penis with a topless waiter as the model and expect some hilarious moments.
  • Use the topless waiters to do body shots off while they lie down.
  • Divide the hens into teams and play Doctor Doctor by having each team wrap a topless waiter in toilet paper from head to toe. The first team to finish and down a shooter wins.

The Art of the Perfect Body Shot:

  • It all starts with the salt – Choose a spot on the body of a topless waiter, sprinkle with salt and then lick the salt. The more daring hens may choose spots that would normally make them blush.
  • Grab some good quality tequila – The tequila may be placed or poured anywhere on the body of the topless waiter as long as the spot is firm and flat. Drink or lick the tequila and make sure to also lick-up any spillage that may remain on the body of the topless waiter.
  • It is all in the lemon baby – What is a body shot without some sensuous mouth-to-mouth lemon action? Place a wedge of lemon between the lips of the topless waiter and, after taking the shot of tequila, wash down the taste with some refreshing fresh lemon!

Some Great Fun Games to Play:

  • Guess What – Place some naughty and nice items in a bag prior to the party. Have each hen feel the objects through the outside of the bag and write down her guesses. The hen with the highest number of correct guesses win. Items such as a frozen banana, pack of condoms, tennis balls, golf balls, tube of lipstick and a cucumber will create some very funny guesses.
  • To Do List – Have every hen write down a task for the bride to perform during the party and also something special about the bride. The bride has to complete all of the tasks before the end of the evening. Tasks should be easy to complete and tasks such as kissing a bald man on the top of his head or giving a topless waiter a lap dance are good examples. Take a picture of the bride performing each task and match the photos up with the notes when you receive the printed photos. The pictures and notes can then be used to make a memory book for the bride that she can always look at to remember the special time.

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