Trivia Games

Bride-to-Be Trivia

Select one person to interview the bride-to-be and ask her a lot of random questions about her life. Embarrassing moments, dreams and fun facts about the bride-to-be that forms a picture of her life is ideal. During the hens party the questions can be posed to the hens and the hen that gets the most questions right wins. Naturally this is a hens party and therefore any hen that gets a question wrong will need to take a sip of her drink or down a shot.

Know-each-other Game

This is always a fun way to see how much the groom and the bride really know about each other. Compile a list of questions about the bride-to-be and record the groom’s answers to each question. Make the questions as much fun as possible. During the hens party, ask the same questions to the bride and record her answers. Thereafter compare the two sets of answers and have a good giggle. Do the same with questions about the groom and record his answers prior to the hens party. Pose the questions to the bride, record her answers and compare the two sets of answers. Expect to laugh a lot.

Great Memories Game

It is important to create some great memories during a hens party and one of the ways to do this is by reliving old memories. Provide each hen with a post-it note and a pen. Ask them to write down a memorable experience that they have shared with the bride-to-be. Stick all of the post-it notes in an area where it is easy for the bride to read. The bride then needs to read each note and guess who wrote it. The bride also has to expand on the story on the post-it note. This game is sure to create some fond memories and a lot of laughter and tears.


Client experiences & testimonial

"Massive thanks to Matty Thunder for his fantastic job at my best friends Hen's night. The communication leading up the event was great and on the night he made the effort to communicate face to face with myself (maid of honour) to ensure everything was perfect before making his entrance! He was certainly the highlight of the night and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the show! Would certainly use Magic Men again for future events! Thanks again Matty you were the perfect gentleman and did a fantastic job!”
Stacey H.
"Went here for a hens night over the weekend and couldn't rate it highly enough! We had a big group of about 20 and were all looked after by the incredibly sexy, yet equally as polite and attentive guys. Perfect place to get your night started with drinks and entertainment. We also followed on to the club Fabrique where they had the Magic Men after party. Great music and bar service, PLUS some of the hunks go there after the show too!”
Anna N.
"If there were 10 stars I would give it!!! Not only are you gorgeous guys but you're gentleman! Thank you for the great night - definitely worth the 8hr drive from SA for my birthday! Thanks to matty Thunder, will Parfitt and Zac Steele of course!”
Lucy A.
"I won tickets for the show last night and I was not disappointed in the slightest! The show was amazing, the amount of effort you boys put into the act really shows and I definitely appreciated it! Love how the boys interacted with the whole crowd during their acts and really looked after the girls delicately on the stage! After party was even better!! Will be back, thanks for a night I will always remember ! x”
Tyler I.
“Have been to your show twice now, all I can say is the show definitely keeps getting better. Great dance moves, loved the fire tricks, and great friendly waiters and dancers. All the staff were awesome, and I personally saw some of the guys specifically gather together to pose with a beautiful girl in a wheelchair. You guys made her so happy. I thought it was truly beautiful that you guys include everyone. Thanks for a great night. I'll be back to see you guys in June”
Elaine H.
“The magic men show at fabrique night club was one of the best nights I've had with the girls. The boys were so entertaining and fun the entire night. Special thanks to Will and Ken for having some entertaining chats with me, those two topped off an amazing night!!”
Brodie C.