Are you on the hunt for a hens’ package in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane? Planning the bride-to-be’s last night out as a single lady can be an overwhelming task, particularly when you factor in a nervous bride and your regular day-to-day commitments. That’s why our bachelorette party packages are so helpful; we take care of the details, leaving you and your group free to do what matters: have the time of your life.

Our huge range of packages makes the bridesmaids job of planning easy and fun. They include options such as unlimited drinks, reserved seating to the hottest show around, topless waiters, transportation, and more. Just select the package that includes all the events and experiences you want, and your party is planned! Of course, you can always ask us about customising an option to make it more suitable for your group.

Hen’s packages can also help you establish a budget for your event. This will assist all your girls to plan their expenses ahead of time, something many people appreciate. Sure, weddings don’t happen every day and are cause for celebration – but knowing the budget is part of celebrating responsibly. Choosing a party package also keeps everyone informed about what’s happening. There’s no confusion about schedules; just follow the itinerary and enjoy the big night.

When you work with Magic Hens, you’ll be choosing a reliable, experienced party planning organisation that can help you plan a fun, exciting, and stress-free bachelorette party. Say “no” to stress and “yes” to a convenient service in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and create a memorable night for your friends.

We’ve got some fantastic hand-picked options for you to choose from – you really can’t go wrong. We understand how important this night is for you and your dearest friends! Ready to start planning the wildest night ever? Look at the choices below and fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to get started making your night everything you want it to be.

Hens Party Packages

Hens Day Special

3 hours of fun and games, including cocktail making class, life drawing class with some of Melbourne's finest life models, a burlesque lesson, cheeky topless waiters serving drink and finger food, and hen’s night invites all inclusive. $95 PER PERSON ...

$95 per person
Hens Night Special

The ultimate night out, this package includes 3 hours of unlimited drinks, finger food, topless waiters, reserved seating to Melbourne's hottest male revue show and free entry to the after party. Special attention for the bride-to-be on the night also! ...

$95 per person
Party Bus and Show
Melbourne limo bus

Get picked up in Melbourne's ultimate party bus—the Cosmo Cruiser—which will transport you to and from the award-winning Magic Men show, one complimentary drink per person, reserved seating for the Magic Men show and free entry to the party. ...

$95 per person
Hens night in packages
naked guy drinking with girls

Enjoy your special night in the comfort of your own home or apartment! Our packages have incredible deals and are very simple to customise, so you get the experience you’re looking for! ...

From $69 per person
Limo and Show Package
Limo hire Mr Hummer

Arrive in style and hire a limo and show package. This set includes an hour ride to the Magic Men show, complimentary drink, reserved seating for your group and free entry to the after party ...

$95 per person
Show tickets

Voted Melbourne's most popular male revue show five years running. Melbourne's Magic Men ‘Feel The Magic’ has all the moves, grinds & thrills to leave you wanting more. Are you ready to be worshipped? Learn more about this spectacle. ...

From $35

Watch Feel The Magic Trailer

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How to select which package is the best for your group?

Now that you’ve given different options for packages, the next big thing is for you to decide which one is the best for your group. So how do you decide which is the perfect one for your besties? We run down a few things to consider in selecting the best hens night package.

Your group’s preferred date & time

Normally, groups schedule the hen’s party a week before the wedding. Find out the best date that works for the bride’s guests. To make it easier, as an organiser, set three dates you can choose from and the most number of available attendees win. Set this up as early as months away from the wedding so the guests can prepare for it.

And when you decided on a date, pick your group’s preferred time. Are all available at night? Or you want a big shebang from day to night? Is it a whole weekend getaway?

If your group is leaning on a  jam-packed day party, Hens Day Special is the right choice that gives you all the fun-filled activities to do with your girlfriends. For night people and prefer partying, you can also opt for packages in the club that lets you enjoy shows, food and drinks.

Your preferred venue

What does your bride want? Is it a cozy comfortable venue at her home, a rented venue or a nightclub?

If the bride prefers to party at the comfort of her own home, make it a blast by hiring a male stripper to visit your place or get a Hunky Hens Package where you’ll have a gorgeous waiter serving the guests with cocktails in topless. Prepare for all the giddies and eye candy all to yourselves.

Hens night

Your group’s preference - food, booze or both?

If you have foodie girlfriends, go get a package that satisfies all your palate. Check foodie-inspired hens packages that will serve you set of delicious goodness from appetiser to dessert.

But if you’re a fan of both booze and drinks, have the Hens Night Special where you have finger foods served to you while enjoying unlimited drinks for a night of fun and excitement.

Your group’s transport

If you have a budget and want transportation that will save you the hassle of carpooling, then you may opt for a limo or a bus for the hen’s party. Adding a transportation package will definitely pump the girls before going to the main event. A limo and show package will take care of your transportation with a complimentary drink and entry ticket to a male revue show. What more will you need?

hens night transportation

Your group’s budget

Everyone’s budget (or the bride thereof) is one major thing to consider when getting the right package. If your budget is a little tight, you may opt for show tickets as low as $35 to get general admission to a world-class show that offers quality entertainment with a glass of champagne to pair the night.

Additional fun

If you’re feeling a little extra, add additional fun and flair to your hen’s party by getting upgraded seats. Platinum tickets will get you closer to the action for a more intense show. And if your group wants special attention only for yourselves and the bride, add a private show that will be the highlight of the night.


What are the things I need to prepare for my hens night?

After getting your package, you get one task off of your organiser list. There’s more to prepare but you don’t need to worry. We made a list so you can have a fuss-free hens night or day that is well planned.

Finalise numbers

To avoid last-minute pull-outs on the day of the event, finalise your number as soon as you can. This is also one way to make sure you won’t forget important people the bride wants on her bachelorette party. As an organiser, you can give a due date when they can RSVP to the event so it would be easier for you to plan other things for the party.

Settle for the payment

Everything that happens on the bachelorette party depends on how much your group is willing to spend. If you already agreed on a certain budget upfront, it will be easier to add on extras and other shenanigans including decor, extra activity, among others. Collecting the ladies payment as early as possible will avoid the hassle of back and forth among the group before the hen’s party.

Choose a theme

hens night theme

If you plan on having a themed hen party, choose one as early as possible so the girls can have enough time to look for a costume or dress appropriately for the theme. When you have a theme you will be able to consider the decoration if you plan on doing the party at your preferred venue. This is optional but could also add glamour to your celebration. Unleash your inner creative minds and spirit because this is the perfect time to be fabulous!

Select the accommodation

Private venues like hotels and AirBnB's are becoming a trend. Plus the fact that you get to enjoy a new venue without much hassle for the house owner. If your group wants an intimate party, you have to select the perfect accommodation that allows parties and loud noises, because, well, you’ll have a lot of fun, for sure!

If you need an accommodation just to sleep over, a cheaper venue could be considered.

Plan a sumptuous lunch or dinner

If you are going for a night of drinking, your tummy must be full. Factor in lunch or early dinner before you go out. While many packages include snacks, these may not be enough if you are really hungry and wants to be filled before the main event. This is also an important consideration for lady friends who have specific dietary requirements. In that way, you won’t have to worry about them not getting their needed energy source.

Add the extras

Great job for making it this far! You’re one step closer to having a well-planned hens party. By this time, you should be able to know if your group has an extra budget for bachelorette shenanigans such as decors, sashes, loot bags, balloons, among others.

And what are you waiting for? Let the best hens night party begin!


Most Unforgettable Hens Party Packages In Melbourne

From dancing to drinking to tempting your taste buds and so much more, all of our packages are designed to suit any style, any taste and any budget.

When it comes to the perfect party or the most happening hen night, there isn’t one size fits all which is why we offer a whole host of choices to ensure that no matter what you have the time of your life. Birthdays, hen nights, celebrations or something else, you don’t have to be a bride to make the most of Magic Hens and what we can offer.

Client experiences & testimonial

"Massive thanks to Matty Thunder for his fantastic job at my best friends Hen's night. The communication leading up the event was great and on the night he made the effort to communicate face to face with myself (maid of honour) to ensure everything was perfect before making his entrance! He was certainly the highlight of the night and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the show! Would certainly use Magic Men again for future events! Thanks again Matty you were the perfect gentleman and did a fantastic job!”
Stacey H.
"Went here for a hens night over the weekend and couldn't rate it highly enough! We had a big group of about 20 and were all looked after by the incredibly sexy, yet equally as polite and attentive guys. Perfect place to get your night started with drinks and entertainment. We also followed on to the club Fabrique where they had the Magic Men after party. Great music and bar service, PLUS some of the hunks go there after the show too!”
Anna N.
"If there were 10 stars I would give it!!! Not only are you gorgeous guys but you're gentleman! Thank you for the great night - definitely worth the 8hr drive from SA for my birthday! Thanks to matty Thunder, will Parfitt and Zac Steele of course!”
Lucy A.
"I won tickets for the show last night and I was not disappointed in the slightest! The show was amazing, the amount of effort you boys put into the act really shows and I definitely appreciated it! Love how the boys interacted with the whole crowd during their acts and really looked after the girls delicately on the stage! After party was even better!! Will be back, thanks for a night I will always remember ! x”
Tyler I.
“Have been to your show twice now, all I can say is the show definitely keeps getting better. Great dance moves, loved the fire tricks, and great friendly waiters and dancers. All the staff were awesome, and I personally saw some of the guys specifically gather together to pose with a beautiful girl in a wheelchair. You guys made her so happy. I thought it was truly beautiful that you guys include everyone. Thanks for a great night. I'll be back to see you guys in June”
Elaine H.
“The magic men show at fabrique night club was one of the best nights I've had with the girls. The boys were so entertaining and fun the entire night. Special thanks to Will and Ken for having some entertaining chats with me, those two topped off an amazing night!!”
Brodie C.