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Hens parties are the best party games for a bride to be and maid of honour to enjoy before the marriage.

Hens party games are becoming more and more popular these days leading to more and more girls searching for the best hen party games ideas or options.

No hens party is complete without some hens party games. These activities need to be fun, they need to be classy, and they need to be designed around making every single person lose all inhibition and get involved in the games at hand.

Wondering how to go ahead with your hen party game planning?

The team at Magic Hens provide the ultimate bachelorette party experience, and here are some best hen party games ideas to inspire a night of naughty fun for girls.

Here is a hen party games list for all those brides, maid of honour, and girls to have a perfect pre-wedding party/bachelorette party in the form of hen party games.


To get the party started, this is one of the classic girls’ night games with a hen party twist. This should only be done when everyone is nice and tipsy, and the hen party dares must be daring enough. With the right questions, you can find out a whole lot about your friends as well as know the bride. You can flip a coin or spin a bottle to keep the game moving around; just make sure everyone gets a turn at being the victim!

Great Hen Party Dares Include:

  • Kissing the bartender.
  • Conning a guy into a piggyback ride.
  • Flashing someone.
  • Doing a dance floor cartwheel.
  • Dancing with an older gentleman.
  • Finding a guy wearing no underwear amongst hen party guests.


A hen party is incomplete without gorgeous guys and so next is our next hen party games idea.

If you really want to spice up your hen party and become the talk of the town, hire our sexy Magic Men’s topless waiters and bartenders. You can use our gorgeous topless waiters and barmen for party games that will break the ice and get everyone in the mood for some fun.

At Magic Men’s, we have the biggest selection of great looking topless waiters and bartenders for hens parties in Melbourne. Not only do our topless waiters and barmen look good enough to eat, but they also have great personalities. Our topless waiters and barmen will help you get the party started and will have all the hens laughing, cheering, and having a fantastic time right through until the end of the party. They will even stay and help to clean-up afterward.

Hens Topless Waiter and Barmen – The Basics:

  • Our team will lay the tables and help to set-up the decorations.
  • They will prepare and serve delicious food and drinks.
  • Our topless barmen make awesome cocktails while entertaining the hens.
  • The topless waiters will host and be part of some hilarious hens party games.
  • The whole team will use their great personalities to entertain everyone.
  • And they will help to tidy-up and clean afterward (they really do, no joking!)

Some Great Ideas for Spicing Up Your Party:

  • Have the hens take turns taking some scandalous photos of others in sexy poses with the topless waiters or barmen.
  • Have the topless waiters and barmen assist in the hosting of games such as truth or dare.
  • Lap dances by the sexy topless waiters for each and every hen is a must.
  • For laughs, have the hens perform lap dances on the topless waiters and let the topless waiters choose a winner.
  • Our team of topless waiters is known for the great massages that they give.
  • Play Pin the Penis with a topless waiter as the model and expect some hilarious moments.
  • Use the topless waiters to do body shots off while they lie down.

bachelorette party games

Divide the hens into two teams to play Doctor Doctor. Both the teams take it in turns to wrap a topless waiter in toilet paper from head to toe. The first team to finish and down a shooter wins.

There’s an endless number of hen party games you can play with our topless waiters.

They know how to lead games and get everyone involved. Some of our boys’ favorite games are:

Some Great Fun Party Games to Play:

  1. Guess What – Place some naughty and nice items in bags prior to the party. Have each hen feel the objects through the outside of the bags and write down her guesses. The hen with the highest number of correct guesses wins. A list of Items such as a frozen banana, pack of condoms, tennis balls, golf balls, a tube of lipstick, and cucumber will create some very funny guesses.
  2. To-Do List – Have every hen write down a task for the bride to perform during the party and also something special about the bride. The bride has to complete all of the tasks before the end of the evening. Tasks should be easy to complete, and tasks such as kissing a bald man on the top of his head or giving a topless waiter a lap dance are good examples. Take a picture of the bride performing each task and match the photos up with the notes when you receive the printed photos. The pictures and notes can then be used to make a party game memory book for the bride that she can always look at to remember the special time.


Who doesn’t love a drinking game? Nothing gets the fun turned up and the inhibitions turned down like a bit of forced drinking game. ‘Never Have I Ever’ is a great game where you find out a lot about your friends. If you want a game that goes all night, choose some words like ‘bride,’ ‘groom’, or ‘husband,’ and every time a hen says the word, they have to drink.

Of course, the most fun you can have with a topless waiter is to do a body shot at hen parties. If you want to do it right, you need some good quality tequila and plenty of salt. Sprinkle the salt wherever you want to do the shot (wherever you like!) Now it’s time to pour some tequila on a firm and flat place and drink, slurp and lick every last drop. Next, you need to cure that burn with a mouthful of lemon. Of course, that lemon will taste so much better when it’s nestled in between the lips of a gorgeous topless waiter.

  • It all starts with the salt – Choose a spot on the body of a topless waiter, sprinkle with salt, and then lick the salt. The more daring hens may choose spots that would normally make them blush.
  • Grab some good quality tequila – The tequila may be placed or poured anywhere on the body of the topless waiter as long as the spot is firm and flat. Drink or lick the tequila and make sure to also lick-up any spillage that may remain on the body of the topless waiter.
  • It is all in the lemon baby – What is a body shot without some sensuous mouth-to-mouth lemon action? Place a wedge of lemon between the lips of the topless waiter and, after taking the shot of tequila, wash down the taste with some refreshing fresh lemon!


Just like the iconic game of ping pong balls/beer pong, the Prosecco Pong game contains 12 plastic glasses and three pink ping-pong balls. Split your gathering into two groups of up to six individuals. Utilize the 12 glasses to make two symmetrical triangle shapes, confronting each other at either end of a table surface.

At that point, everybody alternates, attempting to toss or skip a ball into the glass. Each time the ball lands in a beverage, an individual from the resistance needs to drink the Prosecco inside and the glass is either eliminated or gotten back to the table. This relies upon how difficult you need the game to be; restoring the unfilled glass implies the opportunity of a ball arrival is more noteworthy. Eliminating the glass from the table implies that each resulting turn turns out to be more troublesome. In any case, the main group to lose the entirety of their beverage loses. Notwithstanding, they do will drink a couple of glasses of Prosecco meanwhile, so you could likewise say that everybody’s a champ!

At the point when you’ve made two triangles with the glasses, bust open a container, and present yourself with 12 glasses. In case you’re truly fortunate, your group may very well lose rapidly enough for you to appreciate them very soon.


This classy hen party game is sure to kick start the bachelorette party and to break the ice. The game is intended to get hens to reveal intimate secrets about themselves. Each hen gets a chance to reveal something that they have never done before, such as having a threesome, and the hens that have done will have to take a sip of their drink or down a shot.



drinking hens party games

In this party game, no wedding related words are allowed to be said during the entire hen party. Any hen that mentions bride and groom, best man, wedding, wedding dress, or any other wedding-related words will have to down a shot. If the hen prefers not to down a shooter, she can choose to perform a dare. Make sure that the dares are extra challenging.


bachelorette party games-Trivia games

This is another opportunity to weasel all the dirty little secrets out of the bride with trivia questions.

In this Hen Party game select one interviewer and write down a whole lot of compromising questions. (Note: This game is best played when the bride is under the influence). Another great trivia idea is to get the bride to answer those questions and test her knowledge of the groom and vice-versa.

This game tests how much the bride and groom really know about one another.


This is a classy hen game for the bride.

Select one person to interview the bride-to-be and ask her a lot of random questions about her life. Embarrassing moments, dreams, and fun facts about the bride-to-be that forms a picture of her life are ideal. During the hen party, the questions can be posed to the hens, and the hen that gets the most right wins. Naturally, this is a hens party, and therefore any hen that gets a question wrong will need to take a sip of her drink or down a shot.


This is a fun game at hen parties where you can see how much the groom and the bride really know about each other. Compile a list of questions about the bride-to-be and record the groom’s answers to each question. Make the questions as much fun as possible. During the hen party, ask the same questions to the bride and record her answers. Thereafter compare the two sets of answers and have a good giggle. Do the same with questions about the groom and record his answers prior to the hen party. Pose the questions to the bride, record her answers, and compare the two sets of answers. Expect to laugh a lot.

hens party games - KNOW EACH OTHER GAME


It is important to create some great memories during a hens party, and one of the ways to do this is by reliving old memories. Provide each hen with a piece of paper and a pen. Ask them to write down a memorable experience that they have shared with the bride-to-be. Stick all of the notes in an area where it is easy for the bride to read. The bride then needs to read each note and guess who wrote it. The bride also has to expand on the story on the post-it note. This game is sure to create some fond memories and a lot of laughter and tears.


This is one of our favorite hens night party ideas.

Pin the penis party game, also known as pin the private body parts of men is a game where each hen gets a penis and a blindfold, and they have to try and put that penis in the right spot on the target board. Closest to the right spot wins! You’re sure of plenty of laughs as each hen takes their turn to try and hit the bullseye.


This is a classy hen party game.

In this hen party game, the hens are divided up into teams, and each side has to try and create the best dress for the model. You’ll have to use toilet paper and anything else you can find to try and create the most beautiful toilet paper wedding dress. Set a time limit and get one of our talented topless waiters to choose the winner.


In the Scavenger hunt party game, get someone to hide a whole bunch of cheeky and naughty items around the hen party venue. The team that finds the most items wins and the winning team can set a challenge for the losers to complete. You don’t just have to hide items; you can hide instructions for naughty dares and anything else you can think of.

Whatever game you choose for hen party celebrations, make it as daring as possible. A hens party is a chance to do all the things you would never normally do. Make it naughty; make it memorable.


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