How to Choose a Hen’s Night Theme (That Everyone Will Love)

Choosing the right hen night theme is no easy to task. You have to pick something that’s right for the hen, the budget and something that will suit everyone. You want to keep it classy, while still making it naughty enough that everyone has fun and makes it a night you’ll never forget.

Here are some hens party ideas from the experts at the Magic Hens, who have seen all sorts of hens parties over the years:

Dress-Up Hens

By choosing a dress-up theme, everyone is on the same page from the beginning because you’re all dressed the same. Popular themes are flapper or Great Gatsby themes, or you can even dress as your favourite decade – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, the choice is yours. Just pick a theme that the hen will love and everything else will take care of itself.

Dress up themes are a lot of fun, and you’ll have albums full of parties to look back on. Team it with any of our popular packages, and you’ve got a night that everyone can enjoy.

Cocktail Party

Who doesn’t love a cocktail party? They’re classy, alcohol-fuelled and everyone gets to pick a beautiful dress. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all champagne and canapes. Why not get one of our topless waiters to ferry the drinks to and from the bar (and have a little fun in between).

Of course, you can even organise a visit from our strippers. They’ll put on a show and get everyone on the worst behaviour.

If a cocktail party sounds like your idea of a good night, have a look through our packages. We can look after venue hire, transport and even provide the alcohol and some very talented and very shirtless mixologists.

Sporty Theme?

Is your hen a bit of a sports nut? Is she more at home smashing through an f45 session than cutting a rug? It’s her party, so it’s gotta be her way. Why not organise a bridal boot camp? Get all the girls to join in on an exercise session, or maybe play a match of netball or basketball to remind you of your high school days.

You can always hit the town afterwards, and the bride-to-be will be ready for a big night once she’s satisfied that exercise bug.

Healthy Hen?

If you and the girls prefer green smoothies over manhattans and yoga over all-nighters, organise a healthy hen weekend. Book accommodation and get all the girls together for fruit platters, yoga, smoothies and even a massage or spa session.

It doesn’t all have to be stretching and rejuvenation. A healthy hen will love feasting her eyes on a sturdy set of muscles and abs, so get in touch with us for a home visit. Our hunky and athletic boys have the moves to wow all the girls, and they may even get the healthiest of hens in the mood for a few drinks and some fun after midnight.

Party Bus Theme

Sometimes the best hens nights happen on wheels. Our party bus package means the theme takes care of itself. Everyone piles onto the bus, the music is turned way up, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is on their way to the perfect night out.

The bus includes a stripper pole, it fits 43 people, and it will ferry you to a Magic Men show. Our shows have become renowned around the globe as the best male revue show in Australia.

The best part about this theme is everything is taken care of. The price includes transport, drinks and a show and you won’t have to worry about getting home!

Home, Flower Power Party

Is the special bride a bit of homebody? Why not organise a flower party at her home. You can fill their home with flowers and pink ribbons and make flower headbands, potpourri and everything else you need to make a little paradise.

Get everyone to turn up in a floral or white dress, and you’ll look like a team of angels, sipping on champagne, eating beautiful food and celebrating the wonderful bride.

If you want a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, organise a topless waiter to host some games. You can play truth or dare, trivia or even set up a scavenger hunt full of naughty items.

This is just a sample of the themes you could set up. When you’re coming up with ideas, just keep these tips in mind:

  • It has to be all about the bride
  • It has to be something for everyone to enjoy (remember, Grandma might be there)
  • Make it affordable, and make sure all the important people can get there (a trip to Bali sounds fun until only 5 people can actually make it)

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