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When it comes to hosting a hens party, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Aside from the venue, food and party games, you also need to come up with the appropriate theme that will make the event extra special for the bride and the guests. To help you with this aspect of the party, here are three hens night themes.

hens night themes - 80's theme

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The 80′s Theme

Perhaps one of the most laughed at decades in modern history is the 80′s. This decade is characterised by crazy makeup and hairdos, provocative clothing, and the like. All of these elements make the 80′s a perfect hen’s night theme. When it comes to the dress code, there are several outfits to choose from. The guests can wear hip hop clothing, go for the Dynasty look, or opt for a workout gear. They can even wear a power suit if they want to. As for the hairstyle, the 80′s was characterised with big hairdos. Also, make up was a big thing during this decade, so make sure to remind the hens to put a lot of make up to go along with their crazy hairstyles and outfits.
When it comes to the decoration, all you need are posters of some popular 80′s movies such Back to the Future and Top Gun. Also, don’t forget to complete the 80′s feel of the venue by adding blue and pink streamers.

The Hawaiian Party Theme

hawaiian theme hens night

Make the hens party as relaxed as the Hawaiian lifestyle by opting for a Hawaiian hens night theme. For sure, the bride and her guests will love it. For the decorations, you need to focus your attention only on one thing; flowers. Fill the venue with flowers and tropical fruits like coconuts and pineapples. These two are not only good as decor items but they can be eaten as well as the night progresses. Also, don’t forget to add some plastic fish, snorkels, shells, and even inflatable dolphins to complete the tropical beach atmosphere.

As for the clothes, anything that has a tropical design on it will do. Also, a coconut bra and a hula skirt are perfect outfits for this party theme. Aside from that, don’t forget to give each hen a lei to complete their Hawaiian look. To make the event truly Hawaiian, hire a hula instructor to teach the bride and the hens some spectacular hula tricks. For sure, they’ll love this fun-filled activity.

The Model Photo Shoot Party Theme

Wearing elaborate costumes is by far one of the most exciting aspects of a hens party. Why not capitalise on this and come up with a model photo shoot theme? Set the venue in a professional studio and ask the bride and the guests to wear their favourite costumes. On the other hand, you can also set a common theme such as lady pirates or even cowgirls. For sure, the photo shoot will be an experience that the bride and the girls will definitely love.

After the shoot, ask the girls not to take off their costumes while you go out bar hopping. You can also play scavenger hunt while you’re bar hopping with the girls. Don’t forget to ask for items such as flavoured condoms or a man’s boxers to make the night exciting for the bride and the hens.

Uniform Theme Party

uniform theme hens party

Ready to send off your girl bestie? Celebrate with uniform themed party. Plan a costume that you can wear in uniform. If you are tired of the all-black outfit you wear every time, spice it up with a theme that would look great in all of you! Dress up for a uniformed jeans-themed party, all-white, or all-pastel themed party.

If you are feeling extra, level it up with the real “uniforms” you can find. Try captain and sailors, cheerleaders, flight attendants, army girls, nurses, doctors and a lot more. Anything really, your imagination is the limit!

School Girl Theme

This theme is perfect if you have a close group of friends since high school or a member of a club or an organization. Dig out that old school uniform and reminisce your old days with school girl themed hen party. Opt for a Britney school girl or go for nerdy high schoolers - your choice! If you are interested in becoming cheerleaders for a day, you can also have this theme. Get ready with your pom-poms, prepare small dance performances, and create your own chant for the bride. The hen gets to decide which is the best and you can give a price to the winner group.

Burlesque Theme

Burlesque Theme hens night

The burlesque of the Moulin Rouge has a classic vibe and has become the favourite theme for every party. If you want a sensuous and dramatic vibe, transport yourself to the 1890s with this hen theme. Turn your venue into a gorgeous burlesque party hall by designing with sultry lighting, sexy decor, candles and tea lights, and fabulous feathers.

Hire professional performers to give you the entertainment and to put everyone in the vibe. Choose performers who can do an act which includes song, dance and theatre. Need we say more on the background music of your party? Moulin Rouge soundtrack of course!

Gatsby Theme

If your group and the bride wants to achieve the glitz and glamour of a Gatsby themed party, then read on. Gatsby theme screams glamour and extravagance. To make it possible, bring these details to your party - feathers, champagne, jazz music, and lots of sparkles! Metallic colours especially gold should adorn the venue and your guests. Add in champagne, rich fabrics, gold candelabras and if you can, a chandelier to really wow the crowd. And while you’re at it, invest in a Gatsby-themed backdrop for photoshoots that everyone will enjoy especially since the ladies are all dolled up.

Fairy Tale Theme

Fairy Tale Theme hens night

If you want to highlight the story of how the bride met his prince, fell in love and their start to their “happily ever after” - then this fairy tale theme party is the best choice. Dress your bride with her favourite fairytale character and join the fun by dressing up in ball gowns. Your hen will surely feel special as she gets to relive her childhood inspiration along with her besties. Feel the magic by decorating your venue with magical things like beautiful roses, crystal goblets, confetti, and antique mirrors.

Movie Character Theme

Is your bride a fan of a movie character? Then this movie character theme will definitely make her heart pumping! Have her dress up as her favourite movie star and the guests will attend the hen party dressed up like zombies, or villains. It’s also great in photo ops if you can mimic the movie poster and pose like the real deal!

If you want a lighter side of this theme, try movie characters like Elsa of Frozen. Have everyone come in snowboarding outfits. While you’re at it, enjoy fun activities like snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating. Expect adrenaline-pumping screams from the ladies that will definitely have a chill time. Cap the day off with chilled drinks, cocktails, snowflake cookies, or ice cream!

Letter “P” Theme/Pajama Party

Celebrities also love doing the pyjama party. And why not? It’s comfortable, cute, and you’ll surely hit those Instagram likes with your photos. Look for a cute coordinated set, or be as colourful as you can be. If you want a sexier theme, plan this out with a twist by dressing up in sexy pyjamas and lingeries and pose like a model. Expect an intimate celebration that won’t break the bank.

Superhero Theme

Superhero Theme hens night

The great thing about the Superhero theme is a huge range of heroines you can choose from. Play the part of amazing women from Wonderwoman, Superwoman, Xena, Cat Woman, among others. Prepare different games that can test your strength skills, intelligence or superpower skills. Challenge everyone with different scenarios, or obstacle course and the best group that gets the highest score wins exciting prizes.

Sports Theme

If your bride is a sporty gal, a sports-themed party is definitely your best bet! Check from different sports and whether it’s football, basketball, hockey etc. bring the athletic spirit to your hen’s party. You can also opt for indoor games like ping pong, foosball and beer pong. Decorate the place with foam fingers, ball designs, photos of great athletes, among others. The foods are going to be easy because you can have waffles, hot dogs, and a lot of finger foods you can easily prepare or buy. As for the costume, this is no sweat since you can throw in any sports-related like jersey, basketball gear, or a cheerleader costume.

Playboy Bunny Theme

Playboy Bunny Theme hens night

Throw a Playboy-themed party if you are after the next big bash. Decor your venue with expensive-looking fabrics, and Playboy poster or magazine covers. Prepare classic drinks like whiskey, bourbon, wine, and sparkling champagne. Dress up with your best take on a Playboy bunny - you can check the costume shops or rummage through your closet and find black stockings, corset, or anything sexy. Make your hen feel extra special with an all-black outfit with bunny ears and tail. Then pose ala Playboy bunny models.

Devils and Angels Theme

This is a great theme if you want to unleash your creative spirit as a group. Costumes are easy as you can wear anything like fallen angels, devils, grim reaper, ghost, etc. Decor the place with red and black themed colour. Start with red table cloths, red chair covers, flame centrepieces, or hanging flames decoration. Foods are easy to prepare like deviled eggs, devilish cupcakes, angel-shaped cookies, skull cake, pair with drinks like Bloody Mary or Poison Apple Cocktails.

Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers hens night

Are you planning on disobeying the rules in your hen’s party? Try the cops and robbers theme for a twist! Have some of the girls dress up in cop uniform including SWAT, FBI or secret agents. The rest of the ladies can dress up as burglars, robbers or villains. You will be amazed how it will look good in photo ops especially if you have prepared a jail or precinct backdrop. Accessorise with handcuffs, baton and fake firearms to complete the look.

Onesie Theme

Onesie themed hens party is easy to pull off and you’ll be rewarded with cute, dreamy photos as a remembrance after. To have a successful onesie party, you have to select a theme,  the activities you want to do on the night, and everything in between. If your hen wants a comfortable and casual vibe, dressing up in onesies is the answer! Check beautiful, fluffy, and comfy set from themes like unicorns, animals, cosplay characters, superheroes, and many more!

Animal Theme

An animal theme party for hens is also adorable when you do great planning. There is a great variety of animals to choose from for the costumes, foods and decors are easy to set-up as well. Have the ladies wear an animal costume that matches their personality. Most women have leopard or zebra print in their closet so clothing should not be a problem. Pair it with cute or fierce looking makeup and your hens are good to go!

Grease Theme

Grease Theme hens night

We all know someone who loves music. So if the bride happens to be one, then a musical, Grease-themed party will be a hit! You can either dress up as your favourite characters in the movie or make it simple as anything tight and bright. Decor the place with anything 80s and complete the setup with Grease soundtrack in the background.

A Grease themed hen party includes simple foods like nibbles and treats. Classic burgers, fries and a coke are enough but if you have time to prepare some milkshakes that would be fantastic as well.

Princesses From The Past

There’s a little princess inside every lady. Plan a whimsical party with this princess-themed celebration by having a few things in mind. Make sure to have fairytale-inspired cocktails and canapés. Decorate the venue with some princess-inspired décor things like tiaras, fairy floss and bubble blowers. Feel the magical moment as you and the ladies dolled up in your princess outfits that scream sparkles and magic.


Who says hens night themes should only be limited to x-rated themes? With the three ideas discussed above, the bride and her guests will surely have a great, memorable experience.


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