Hens Party Bus

Sing, dance, laugh and party all the way to your hens night. Get to your next destination in style with Melbourne’s very first VIP limo bus. A hens night party bus could be the perfect option for you. They’re bound to make everyone feel like a superstar and it’s a space you can feel free to do whatever you want (as long as it’s safe). You can even hire a male stripper to spice up the night even more and add a little bit of naughty fun. After all, what happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus.

If you haven’t ridden on a hen night party bus, you might be unsure of what to expect. Here are a few do’s and don’t’s to keep in mind to ensure that everyone has an exciting night while still staying safe.

Do Let Loose and Have Fun

The best part about a hen party bus is that it’s essentially like a roving dance floor but without the creepy guys that come up to you at a traditional club. This is your opportunity to go a bit crazy and dance like nobody’s watching.

Just keep in mind that you’re on a moving vehicle, so be wary of falling or bumping into anything with your incredible dance moves.

Do Play Party Games

Party games can be a great way of breaking up the night with something a little different while still having fun. After all, not many of us have the stamina to dance the entire night away. Playing a few party games can be the perfect opportunity to have a breather while still having a laugh and getting to know each other better.

If you’ve opted to have a male stripper on board with you, you can also get him involved to add a little more sexiness into the mix.

Some of our favourite games include Guess What, The To Do List, No Hands, and Truth or Dare. If you’re planning on playing some games on the party bus, make sure that you have all the equipment you need prior to boarding. If you forget, don’t worry – there’s always room for improvisation.

Do Pump Your Favourite Tunes

Whether your favourite playlists include 70s disco, 80s pop, 90s RnB, or a mixture of all genres and eras, you get free reign to the party bus’s AUX cord. A party bus is designed to play music loud, so pump up the volume and be prepared to lose your voice over the course of the night.

Doing a bit of karaoke is also a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. So throw on a bit of Cyndi Lauper and sing to your heart’s delight.

Don’t Distract the Hens Night Party Bus Driver

As much as it is meant to be a fun night, you also want to make sure that it’s a safe night. This means you shouldn’t distract the driver. While party bus drivers are used to loud music and dancing, don’t try to interact with the driver too much beyond what is necessary (like informing them of an emergency). Pestering the driver too much could make a memorable night memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t Drink So Much that You Feel Sick

While drinking is definitely allowed on party buses, keep in mind that you’re on a moving vehicle and drinking too much could have some messy consequences – especially if you’re prone to motion sickness.

Being sick on a party bus can have expensive consequences, which is the last thing anyone wants to have to deal with or think about on a hens night. The easiest solution is to just be wary of how much you drink in the first place.

Don’t Stick Any Body Part Out of the Window

Even though the atmosphere of a party bus can feel pretty magical, keep in mind that it doesn’t make you immune to the normal dangers of travelling in a vehicle. Sticking your arm or even head out of the bus window so you can feel the cool night air can be tempting, but a trip to the emergency department is a sure-fire way of ending the magical feeling of the night.

If the bus driver catches you doing this, you could also be in a lot of trouble and they might refuse to continue to drive you for the rest of the night. You don’t want to be the person responsible for abruptly ending an incredible night, so just keep all your limbs inside the bus at all times.

Don’t Forget Anything

Make sure before you disembark that you check you’ve got everything – your handbag, wallet, keys, jacket and so on. It will save you from having to chase up the bus company in your hungover state the next morning.


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