Most Luxurious and Crazy Hen’s Party Ideas

luxury hens party - women in a limo with champagne

Every girl only gets one hen’s party (if everything goes according to plan!!). So, you have to make it count. A hen’s night is definitely not the time to play it safe, and it’s definitely not the time to worry about a budget. For one night, you are the queen. Everything is about you, and you deserve a night that is both luxurious and crazy.

Let’s look at the luxurious hens night party options side first.

Luxurious Hen’s Party Ideas

Hen’s parties are always about being naughty. It’s about shots off body parts, lots of clothes coming off and doing things you would never usually do. You get a bit of a hall pass—so why not make the most of it?

But, all that naughtiness doesn’t have to come at the expense of luxury. Here’s how you can turn up the class on your special day or night:

  • Order a Limousine: Nothing is more fun or luxurious than a trip in a limousine. Picture bottles of Moet, music of your choice and the privacy to get up to whatever you like on the way in and out. If you really want to turn up the fun, throw a chiselled topless waiter into the mix, and you have the perfect plaything for your limo experience. If you’re holding a large hens party, a bus might be the ideal option. They can be just as luxurious while keeping everyone together.
  • Themes: The themes you choose can create a luxurious feel. Think about a cocktail, The Great Gatsby or burlesque themes to ensure a luxurious and classy feel. If everyone is fitted out in beautiful dresses, sipping glasses of Moet or martinis and eating beautifully presented canapes, well, it can’t get any more luxurious than that.
  • Venue: If you want luxury, the venue is the perfect place to start. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, you can’t beat a girl’s weekend away at a spa retreat. Massages and facials all day, and topless waiters, cheeky games and plenty of drinks at night. If you want something a little closer to home, why not hire out a corner in a classy nightclub. You can get a private topless waiter, a bottle of grey goose, your own choice of mixers and the privacy to do things you would never usually get away with in a public setting.

Crazy Hen’s Party Ideas

  • Learn How to Dance: We’re not talking about ballroom dancing, we’re talking about some of the more seductive forms of dancing. Twerk or burlesque dancing lesson will provide a lot of laughs, while also giving the girls something naughty to take home to their significant others. Make sure everyone phones have plenty of charge, because these lessons are just made for Snapchat stories. You can even try out some of your moves on the topless waiters, or anyone else you come across during the night.
  • Life Drawing: Picture this. All the girls are called into a room, the lights are off, and a single spotlight shines on the stage. Everyone is handed paper and pencils, and a rippling, chiselled male appears on stage. Welcome to life drawing. To make the game even more naughty, get the model to choose the best, and it’s her turn to go up on stage.
  • Cheeky Games: There’s no room for inhibition on a hen’s night, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to play some barrier-dropping games. Some of the craziest games are Truth or Dare, or Pin the Penis. In Truth or Dare, you set the truths and the dares. There’s sure to be plenty of funny moments, just make sure the questions and the dares are befitting of the night (try and find out as much about the bride’s past as you can.) For the Pin the Penis you need blindfolds, a penis-shaped object and a life-size portrait of a suitable man. Then the blindfolded hens have to take turns to try and pin the penis closest to the . . . Ahem. . . Spot.
  • Get a Stripper: No hen’s night is complete without a stripper, and if everyone is in the right mood, things can get crazy pretty quickly. Even the tamest of girls will go nuts when a big muscly man enters the room. In fact, why not get more than one? If you’re nice, they may even hang around for the after party.

By combing these luxurious and crazy hen’s night ideas, you end up with the perfect mix of class and fun. The most important thing to remember is not to hold back, both in the planning and on the night. Make this the perfect night for the hen and the rest of your friends. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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