The 9 Best Hens Night Scavenger Hunt Ideas

So, you been asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time and you’re over the moon! You can’t wait to watch your bestie or sister walk up the aisle to marry the person of her dreams. But first, you have the not-so-small task of planning a hens night party and giving her the perfect send-off before she becomes a wife.

A scavenger hunt is the perfect hens party game. Perhaps the best part is that it sparks that dose of competition which brings everyone out of their shell. It also gets everyone engaged in the day and ready to have a good time. Here are some ideas to include on your scavenger list.

When going through these ideas, make sure you keep the bride and all attendees in mind. Some of these will not be appropriate for Grandma (you may want to create an AM and a PM list).

Each of the options below is meant to be included on a piece of paper with a little check-box next to them. Your final checklist should have at least twenty options so use the following as inspiration.

group of girls at hens party
top 10 hens night cocktails

1. Make A Toast To The Bride-To-Be

This is a great option to include on the list. It means the bride will hear lots of nice (and a few mean) things about her throughout the night. It will also bring a few of the shyer hens out of their shells and ensure they get their chance to explain what the hen means to them.

2. Sing Or Do A Private Dance Show In The Middle of The Dancefloor

This is the best way to embarrass a few hens. If your hens night will include a private space, make each one of them sing at the top of their lungs in front of the crowd. Or, make them do an extra embarrassing dance move – the worm, the robot or something a little saucier will do. You could even create a circle around her to draw even more attention to what is going on.

3. Find A Guy To Serenade The Bride

This is a great one. If you can find a guy that will serenade the bride, he will be one of two things – a good singer or very drunk. Either way, it’s going to be funny. Choose the bride’s favourite ballad and get an unwitting stranger to belt it out for all your entertainment. This one will be hard, so getting it ticked off will go a long way towards the big win.

4. Get A Butt Tattoo With A Funny Saying

This one really sorts the women from the girls. It’s on the butt, so it really doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s a funny saying or even a symbol that means something to the girls. If you want to tick this one off, make sure you visit the parlour nice and early. Tattoos and heavy drinking don’t go well together. Whoever gets this one is odds-on to win the whole thing!

5. Get Some Wedding Karma

For this one, you need to track down another bride-to-be and buy her a drink. This is a great way to give your bride plenty of luck, and you never know, you may end up blending two bridal parties to create a super party! A groom-to-be could also count here, but it’s up to you to make the rules.

6. Find A Guy With A Condom

This challenge is two-part. First, you get the joy of asking every man in the room if they’re carrying a condom. Once you find that condom, the fun isn’t over. You then have to blow it up into a balloon and either carry it around the room or create a game of beach volleyball on the dancefloor.

7. Do A Body Shot

This will require a bit of assistance on behalf of a chiselled guy (he may even be a professional). Lay said guy out on a flat surface and then do a tequila shot off his abs. That means you need to pour some salt in between an ab, tip some tequila on their, slurp up every last drop and then take a slice of lemon from in between his lips. 

8. Have A Stranger Show You Their Favourite Sex Position

The key word is here SHOW. They can’t just tell you, they have to show and that means you will have to join in. You can’t say no if you ask, remember!

9. Request Photo Evidence!

Before a box can be ticked, photo evidence of each completion must be taken. Never smile at a crocodile and never trust a drunken hen. If there aren’t any photos, it didn’t happen. Everyone has a camera on them at all times, so there really are no excuses.

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