The Top 5 Routines for Male Strippers

top 5 routines male strippers

When it comes to the top 5 routines for male strippers, it’s all about the music. It sets the whole vibe for the show and can really make or break the whole experience.

Maybe you’re looking to spice up your date night with your girlfriend by bringing Magic Men to life? If you choose the wrong song you’re likely to feel self-conscious and awkward. The right song, on the other hand, will put both you and your girlfriend in the mood.

top 5 routines male strippers

Or maybe you’re a maid of honour and planning your friend’s bachelorette party and so need the perfect playlist for when the sexy male strippers you’ve hired for entertainment arrive. After all, as fun as Cyndi Lauper may be to dance and sing along to, it’s not the kind of music that’s suitable for a steamy male strip show.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite songs to strip to, that are sure to make anyone in the room want to take off their clothes (male or female).

Pony by Ginuwine     

There’s a reason why this song appeared in both Magic Men – it just oozes sensuality. This song is a go-to for almost all-male strippers because it’s a crowd-pleaser. Both the lyrics and the composition of the song are incredibly hot and sensual. Even just imagining what some hot male strippers would do while dancing to this song is enough to get anyone hot and bothered. So why not make your fantasies a reality and hire some male entertainment for your upcoming girls’ night? Put on this song and you can make your Magic Men dreams a reality.

Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo

D’Angelo became known in the 90s as a sex symbol for a reason. All of his songs are great for setting the mood but Untitled (How Does It Feel) takes the cake as his most erotic song. Its lyrics are pretty explicit but just the way D’Angelo sings in a falsetto is bound to make anyone more than a little flustered. There’s even something a little romantic in the way D’Angelo croons, and what woman isn’t a little turned on by some romance?

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

This one’s a pretty intense song, and so not for the faint of heart. But it is still an amazing song to strip to and the intensity can be a really huge turn on for a lot of people. It’s also a solid 6 minute song, so it’s a great song to tease with and be teased by.

If you’re having a male stripper party, this song is bound to change up the mood of the party for the better. If you’re throwing a hen’s party, this is also the perfect song to have the bride-to-be subjected to a lap dance. But be warned, it might make her have some hesitations about the upcoming wedding, realising that this is what she could be missing out on!

Hot In Herre by Nelly

Everybody knows the refrain, “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes” and it’s a great song to do exactly that to. It’s also generally just a fun throwback song for everyone to get into and sing along to. Throw in a few men taking their clothes off to reveal their extremely chiselled bodies and what more could you ask for? Any man stripping to this is bound to make any woman so hot and bothered that she’s going to want to take her clothes off as well.

… The Choice Is Yours

Did we miss out on one of your favourite songs that gets you in the mood? Don’t fear – the sign of a good male stripper is that he will be able to dance to anything. If you choose a song that puts you in the mood, the stripper will be able to pick up on that and put on a good show for you.

At Magic Hens we pride ourselves on being the best male strippers in Melbourne and so will be able to put on a sensual show for you, no matter your song choice. So why don’t you put a playlist of your favourite erotic songs together and get a male stripper in Melbourne to come to your next party and provide some cheeky entertainment. We always deliver the top 5 routines for male strippers.