The Ultimate Guide to Hens Party Games

the ultimate guide to hens party games

No hens party is complete without some hens night games. These activities need to fun, they need to be classy, and they need to be designed around making every single person lose all inhibition and get involved in the game at hand.

The team at Magic Hens provide the ultimate bachelorette party experience, and here are some hen game ideas to inspire your night of naughty fun.

Truth or Dare

This is a classic girl’s night game with a hens party twist. This should only be done when everyone is nice and tipsy, and the dares must be daring enough. With the right questions, you can find out a whole lot about your friends. You can flip a coin or spin a bottle to keep the game moving around, just make sure everyone gets a turn at being the victim!

Great dares include:

  • Kissing the bartender
  • Conning a guy into a piggyback ride
  • Flashing someone
  • Doing a dancefloor cartwheel
  • Dancing with an older gentleman
  • Finding a guy wearing no underwear

Topless Waiter Games

There’s an endless number of hen party games you can play with our topless waiters. They know how to lead games and get everyone involved. Some of our boys’ favourite games are:

  • Guess What: Grab a few phallic-shaped items and put them in a bag. Frozen bananas cucumbers, golf balls and tennis balls are all great ideas. Then, each hen has to be blindfolded and rummage through the bag guessing what the find. The answers are hilarious.
  • To Do List: The aim of this game is to create a set of tasks for the bride to perform during the party. This could mean giving the topless waiter a lapdance or kissing a bald man on the head. Make sure you take a picture of the bride performing each task, and you can use these to create a memory book for the bride to enjoy.

Of course, the most fun you can have with a topless waiter is to do a body shot. If you want to do it right, you need some good quality tequila and plenty of salt. Sprinkle the salt wherever you want to do the shot (wherever you like!) Now it’s time to pour some tequila on a firm and flat place and drink, slurp and lick every last drop. Next, you need to cure that burn with a mouthful of lemon. Of course, that lemon will taste so much better when it’s nestled in between the lips of a gorgeous topless waiter.

Drinking Games

Who doesn’t love a drinking game? Nothing gets the fun turned up, and the inhibitions turned down like a bit of forced drinking. ‘Never Have I Ever’ is a great game where you find out a lot about your friends. If you want a game that goes all night choose some words like, ‘bride’, ‘groom’ or ‘husband’ and every time a hen says the word, they have to drink.

Trivia Games

This is another opportunity to weasel all the dirty little secrets out of the bride. Select one interviewer and write down a whole lot of compromising questions. (Note: This game is best played when the bride is under the influence). Another great trivia idea is to test the bride on her knowledge of the groom and vice-versa.

Pin The Penis

This is one of our favourite hens night party ideas. Each hen gets a penis and a blindfold, and they have to try and put that penis in the right spot on the target board. Closest to the right spot wins! You’re sure of plenty of laughs as each hen takes their turn to try and hit the bullseye.

Dress The Bride

The hens are divided up into teams, and each side has to try and create the best dress for the model. You’ll have to use toilet paper and anything else you can find to try and create the most beautiful dress. Set a time limit and get one of our talented topless waiters to choose the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

Get someone to hide a whole bunch of cheeky and naughty items around the hens party venue. The team that finds the most items wins and the winning team can set a challenge for the losers to complete. You don’t just have to hide items, you can hide instructions for naughty dares and anything else you can think of.

Whatever game you choose, make sure it’s as daring as possible. A hens party is a chance to do all the things you would never normally do. Make it naughty, make it memorable.