The Ultimate Hens Party Checklist

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This is an informative checklist for planning the perfect Hens party celebration for that special bride to be made easy! This systematic failproof checklist is best suited to Brides, Maid of Honours and Bridesmaids.

We all want to host the best Hens Party for that special someone, but organising an event is not easy, especially when you have a lot of guests and don’t know them all personally. The Ultimate Hens Party Checklist can help, we have planned thousands of magical hens parties over the years and have collaborated the perfect checklist for you. Let’s get started.

First Meet with the Bride to Be

Start by getting the basics together, these will help you in the planning moving forward and safeguard any potential issues later. When meeting start with discussing the following:

·      Who are the other members of the Bridal Party?

You must remember it’s not solely the responsibility of the Maid of Honour to organise everything, even if you want to, it can become very overwhelming and stressful trying to get everything perfect working solo. Work together with the Bridal Party, allocate roles and responsibilities to each member, many hands make light work.

·      What is the date of the Hens Party?

Establish a date to work with for the special Hens Night, generally speaking they are hosted on a Saturday 6 – 2 weeks prior to the Wedding. This is just a generalised rule of thumb, some parties prefer Hens party weekends.

·      Who is invited to the Hens party?

Get a guestlist from the Bride to Be and the guests contact details, this will help you when you need to send out save the dates and invites.

·      What is the Hens Party Budget?

Work with the bridal team to work out a cost per guest, bear in mind not all guests will be able to attend the event. However, they may still be willing to contribute toward the day as a gift, always have this as an option. TIP: remember the higher the cost, the less likely everyone will attend, not all guests may be able to spend as much as you are willing to.

·      Set ground rules.

With respect to your special guest, make sure you abide by any ground rules she may have, you don’t want to have an upset special guest on the day.

Next Meet with the Bridal Party to determine what kind of event you will host.

This could be anything from a weekend away to a Hen’s party at home and most popular is a Hens Night Out. Here are a few ideas for you to explore:

Once you have worked out what it is you are doing, start booking!

This is very important as venues and Hens night events book up fast, you don’t want to be left with a mediocre event for your favourite gal pal, you only get to do this once.

Now you have all the important details down pat the rest is easy.

Simply follow these steps;

  • Send out invitations to all the special guests
  • Start collecting money from guests, make sure you keep good records
  • Buy the required hens party accessories and decorations etc
  • Buy and plan the Hens day Games and activities:
    • Pin the penis on the man
    • Pass the parcel
    • Musical Chairs
    • The Band-Aid Game
    • Balloon Pop Rally
    • Prosecco Pong
  • Make a Hens day / Night playlist for the pre-drinks, venue or limo
  • Finalise numbers and money collection, make sure this is done at least a week prior to avoid a very stressful week chasing guests for money, this makes it awkward and uncomfortable on the night
  • Send out final reminders 48 hours before
  • It’s Hens Party Time, let’s celebrate!

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