Top 11 Hens Night Ideas in Melbourne

top 11 hens night ideas melbourne

Trying to plan a hens night in Melbourne? There are plenty of adventures on offer for your bride-to-be in our fair city. The problem is, the myriad options can become a curse when you’re left juggling ideas.

Luckily, Magic Hens are the experts in what makes a bachelorette party special, so here’s an ultimate list of the best hens party ideas in Melbourne. Check out the top 10 ideas from our expert team.

#1: Leave The City Behind and Go For a Girl’s Weekend Away

If you can’t remember the last time you had all the girls together for a weekend, the bride is sure to love this idea. Melbourne is surrounded by perfect spots for getaways. Enjoy wine and a soak in the springs on the Mornington Peninsula, head out for wine and gourmet food on the Yarra Valley or travel to the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region for a weekend of divine pampering.

If you want to relax and have a bit of fun too, we can provide you with topless waiters and strippers who will be happy to make the trip.

#2: Organise A Party on Wheels

Remember joy rides when you were young? All the girls piled into a car, screaming your favourite song at the top of your lungs? Well, with a limo or party bus you can do that in complete safety. No designated driver, no need to overload, there’s plenty of space to drink and sing, and if you go with the bus option you can even dance!

You get complete control over the AUX cord, and we can even have a topless waiter or stripper waiting on board to provide the ultimate service and a very naughty private show.

H#3: Go For a Healthy Hens

There’s no reason your bride can’t enjoy a healthy weekend for her special day. If she isn’t into partying, why not book in for a spa weekend and a bit of yoga? After all that stretching and pampering, she’ll be more than ready for her big day.

It doesn’t all have to be healthy. You could use the pampering and yoga as a way to either gear up or wind down from some serious drinking and dancing.

#4: High Tea

Plenty of places around Melbourne offer great high teas. This is perfect for the classy hen, all the girls can get together for a gossip, some mini sandwiches, delicious pastries and plenty of champagne. You can even host one at home for a hens experience on a budget.

H#5: Get Your Heartrate Up

Most friendship groups love nothing more than a bit of competition. Why not rewind the years and get the girls together for a bit of laser tag or even a go-kart race. Make sure you save the drinks until after you’ve torn around a dark room or zoomed around the track. This is a great way to get everyone together, and someone will enjoy bragging rights for the rest of the day.

#6: A Day On The Sea

Everyone loves boats. The groom may have organised a fishing charter for his bucks, but you can take a tour around one of Melbourne’s many beautiful waterways without the smell of fish guts. Organise a luxe yacht or cruiser, stock the boat with delicious drinks and delectable delights and get one of our topless waiters to serve it all up. That’s perfection.

#7: Hire Out Your Own Venue

If you hire out your own venue, you and the rest of the hens can get up to whatever they like. There are no rules (almost), and you’ll have free reign – no waiting in line at the bar or for the toilet and no being harassed by men that are intent on disrupting this most sacred of nights! Magic Hens can help you out with venue hire, and we have relationships with some of the best in Melbourne.

#8: Stay At Home

House parties are always amazing. They’re budget, there are really no rules, and no one has to worry about getting home. You can still enjoy incredible foods and drinks, and our strippers and topless waiters always say that things get a little crazier when everyone stays home. Choose your favourite theme, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a raging hens party.

#9: Learn a Thing or Two

Magic Hens offers a whole range of classes designed for hens. From seductive dancing to naughty art, we strongly recommend you use this opportunity to learn something that you’ll be able to apply for the rest of your life:

#10: Do Something Indulgent

Melbourne is packed with high-end eating and drinking establishments. If your bride loves her dining and wining, this is a great option. It’s especially perfect for smaller groups, and most restaurants will even offer a special menu that makes the whole thing affordable.

#11: Organise A Hens Package

Magic Hens have a package to suit every need. Get in touch with us today, we’re always happy to customise packages to suit your needs and your budget.

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