• Topless waiters will get the party started
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment
  • Topless waiters will get the party started
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment
  • DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 Topless waiters
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment
  • DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 Topless waiters
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment


Gather your girlfriends and click on the pictures below to see our certified eye candy male topless waiters in Brisbane. Even the most conservative among your friends will sneak a peek or two at our handsome men. Take your time to choose the perfect guy that will make your party the talk of the town. And yes, our photos are updated – so your expectations will definitely be met.


Whether it’s serving food and drinks, hosting games or maybe simply looking good, our topless servers definitely tick all three boxes. We have got a number of Brisbane’s many beautiful guys, to make sure your own hen’s party or perhaps girl’s night out is unforgettable!

They are ready to bring lots of enjoyment and personality to any occasion be it a 21st party, special birthday, divorce party or bachelorette gathering.

Of course, making a party a blast for everybody is not impossible. You only have to bring a topless waiter to the picture, and the results will speak for themselves! In fact, bringing this hunk to your party will be the best decision you’d have made for the celebration. Hiring a waiter only in jeans and a bowtie actually opens many doors of opportunities towards an unforgettable weekend, one that everyone will cherish for many weeks or months to come. 

The guys are typically the ultimate professionals. They are all been handpicked and trained to make sure you get the best service. We’re not kidding when we say we chose only the best.  You will see hunk bodies combined flawlessly with their particular cheeky personalities in addition to incredible service. Oh, and have we mentioned they also have a few tricks and games up of their sleeves?

These guys can break the ice! We all know you dread the moment that the party’s energy falls flat. Our topless waiters are all gifted entertainers. When they’re not busy bringing the drinks, they’ll be busy working the attendees into a frenzy!

Hiring our topless waiters in Brisbane means that you’re not only bringing in the face and the muscles for everyone’s pleasure. You’re hiring a full package of looks, body, charm and entertainment skills that will guarantee a truly unforgettable weekend soiree with the ladies. You also get unlimited giggles from everyone at your party as well!

Having a topless waiter will take away the burden of making sure drinks and food are served to everybody. The goal is to make everyone, especially the organiser to really enjoy the party so everyone is relaxed and focuses on mingling. Yes, imagine having helpers around only this time, not only you got the help that you needed, but your guests are also entertained at the same time.

When you just want a lovely waiter to mix drinks and assist the guests, our topless waiters in Brisbane is all you need. If you wanted a little more on top of that, you can add surprises and make your event an awesome one. Whatever your current personal style plus tastes, Magic Hens offers the hen’s party you want. The male strippers in addition to topless waiters in Brisbane are unmatched in looks plus talent and keen to make your every wish and fantasy come true.

First things first, choose a date and time for your party. Get some party ideas on how you would like the night to become. Don’t worry, you can fill in the details later on. Look for possible venues – be it a private residence, AirBNB, hotel, or a beach – our men can come to your location and do house calls wherever you chose. Hire your men to do the private visit – the earlier to book them, the better so you don’t miss out on guys. Then, finally, plan all the nitty-gritty of the party. If you’re planning a night with some naughty games and dance, our hunks will be there to assist you!

Planning a party is never easy. We know the steps may look simple but it’s up to you if you wanted it to become complicated or easy as a breeze. Leave the entertainment and service part to our male topless waiters in Brisbane so you can juggle more important things.

Forget any second thoughts you might be having on bringing a topless waiter to your party. A party doesn’t come often, and you deserve the talents of the Magic Men to breathe life to your sortie. Trust us – your girlfriends will thank you for all the memories your decision will make when that day comes.

We are hoping that by this time, you already decided to hire a topless waiter for your event. Your guests will be surprised when they see gorgeous men roaming around your party serving them delicious treats and drinks.

Did you know that aside from serving foods and drinks, they can also do the following tasks:

📌Check in with your guests to make sure they are enjoying their meals and are having a good time

📌Chat and mingle with your guests

📌Take a photo with them and for them

📌Help in clearing away dirty plates, glassware, flatware and linens

📌Replenish foods and condiments

📌Serve plates of food on trays and serving guests

📌Keep glasses filled

📌Host a game or two (prepared by you!)

📌Mix cocktails and drinks (recipe and ingredients provided!)

Our promise is a hunk topless waiter in nothing but pants and a bowtie. But if you’re feeling a little naughty, our topless waiters in Brisbane can also do “butlers in the buff” where they will host your party in nothing but an apron!

If you’re wondering how many guys you need – well, there is no specific answer for this one. This depends on the type of service you want, the number of your guests, and the event. Our recommendation is to have a ratio of 1 waiter to 10 guests for intimate or private parties. Feel free to add more if you want all your guests to be well taken care of.

If you want them to mix cocktails, please prepare the ingredients and the recipe. We recommend you prepare the game and props if needed and instruct the waiter to host it for your group.

Wondering if you need to tip our men? The answer is simple. Our men are trained to do premium service during events and parties. If they went the extra mile to make your celebration special, feel free to reward them at your discretion. But just like the food and water, this is not obligatory.

We recommend you allotting extra time for the whole duration of your party. Booked time is final and chances are, our waiters have bookings one after another. To make sure you still have an extra hand for the whole duration of the party, allocate two or more waiters and spread out their start and end time.

We do events all over Australia and we cover suburbs in different cities. Our waiters would gladly travel to your place, there will just be a small travel fee depending on your distance from the Brisbane CBD.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your party planning hat and let’ get down to it. You are in for a


If you’re hiring a male topless waiter for the first time, you might not be aware of all the ways you can make them earn their money. They can do a lot more than just stand around and look hot (though there can still be plenty of that, if you like). They can look hot while helping you have the most amazing hens night imaginable!

At Magic Hens, we have some of the best and most experienced topless waiters in Melbourne. So, we know all about how you can make a topless waiter earn their money.


Play Some Games

You can involve your Melbourne topless waiters in the party fun by including them in the games you have planned for the night. Some of our favourite naughty party games include truth or dare, guess what, and trivia.

Truth or Dare

This one’s a classic for a reason – it’s always bound to end in laughter and fun for everyone. Getting your topless waiter in on the fun can add an extra layer of adult fun. Why not dare the bride to do a lap dance on the waiter?

Guess What

Get your topless waiter to hold a bag of naughtily shaped and textured items (specifically what they are is up to you and your imagination) and each guest at the party has to put their hand in and try to blindly guess what she has grabbed. The person who gets the most correct wins.


Playing a personalised game of trivia can be a great way to have fun while also getting to know each other along the way. Whether you’re all being tested on how well you know the bride-to-be or if you’re asking more general questions about each other, uncovering each other’s most embarrassing stories will have everyone in stitches. Get your topless waiter to be the host, and that way everyone can be involved.

Helping Hands

Your topless waiters can be the helping hands you need in the stressful lead-up to the party. They can help you set up the party – their muscles can have practical uses as well as being nice to look at. They can also help clean up as the party goes on, which will leave you with a lot less to worry about when the party’s over. Trust us, you’ll be very thankful when the hangover starts to set in.

Food and Drinks

While your topless waiter obviously looks good, he is also a waiter for a reason. He can help you keep the food and drinks flowing throughout the night, meaning it’s one less thing for the host to have to worry about. A topless barman can help to keep everyone’s drinks topped up, while a topless waiter can ensure that everyone’s stomachs are full enough that the night won’t get too messy later on. 

And of course, you can be sure that these topless waiters will prove their worth with their dazzling customer service. They’re there to serve your every beck and call and are always willing to give you a cheeky grin and fire some flirty banter your way.

Unbeatable Service

Inevitably, you’ve heard a story from a friend of a friend about the time they hired male strippers for a party, and they turned out to be incredibly seedy and leaving a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. With Magic Hens’ topless waiters, you can be sure that your party will be a night to remember for all the right reasons.

A topless waiter is there to make sure everyone is comfortable and having the best time they possible can and they do this by being friendly, courteous and polite. The night is yours, and so they will be more than happy to tailor the topless waiter experience to your wishes – whether that be extremely risqué or fairly tame. Just let your topless waiter know what you want and he will be happy to oblige.

Eye Candy Galore

This is a pretty obvious one but having some topless waiters at your party can provide some eye candy for all the guests. At Magic Hens, all of our topless waiters are carefully chosen, so you can be sure that any topless waiter you hire is going to be toned, chiselled and handsome. You’ll be able to live your Magic Men fantasy with men that look like they just stepped out of Hollywood.

Our topless waiters come in all shapes and sizes, so there will be someone for everyone’s tastes.

A topless waiter is a great addition to any party and can add an element of sexiness while also helping to keep the night running as smoothly as possible. Hire a topless waiter for your next event and feel free to relax and have fun while the topless waiter takes care of the rest.

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