What Can Topless Waiters Do?

Hens Topless waiter

A hen’s night without some muscle-bound eye candy is missing that special something. Topless waiters are the wow-factor that’ll keep the night feeling naughty and exciting. We’re also here to help take the stress out of your perfect night—we can help ensure your night goes smoothly, while looking fit and peachy in the process.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from your topless waiters.

Certified Eye Candy

This is pretty obvious. Topless waiters have a reputation for being stunning specimens of manhood. We carefully select our guys, and make sure that they have all the toned curves in the right places. These guys are toned and well built, on top of looking like Hollywood royalty.

They’re the perfect eye candy to keep the hens occupied while they enjoy some much needed freedom from husbands and boyfriends. Our topless waiters come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the right team of muscle-bound gents for you and your bride.

Help Setting and Tidying Up

These waiters give you the much needed manpower to get everything ready to go for the wildest hen’s night around. They’ll set up the furniture and the delectably naughty decorations, giving you more time to prepare with the bride-to-be and friends.

Prepare Food and Make Cocktails

Not only are topless waiters gorgeous, but they really know their way around nibbles and a cocktail. They play a crucial part in any hen’s night by keeping the food and drink flowing freely. Topless barmen keep everyone’s drinks refreshed, while topless waiters can keep the party going by providing much-needed snacks to soak up the alcohol.

Like any waiter worth their salt, these hand-sculpted studs have some of the finest customer service around, ready to respond to your beck and call and treat your hens group like the queens you are. Armed to the teeth with compliments and flirty banter, topless waiters add that something special that regular table service just can’t fulfil.

Exceptional Hosting

We’ve all heard stories of seedy male dancers hired for hen’s nights that cause more of a stir than expected. Inevitably, they end up leaving a sour taste for all in attendance. Topless waiters are first and foremost incredible hosts and customer service experts. They’re never about being a loud, brash nuisance.

Their first priority above all else is to ensure that everyone’s comfortable, and having a great time; you can only do this by being friendly, courteous and considerate. These guys are first and foremost respectful, and want the party to run as smoothly as you do. They’re as lovely on the inside as they are out, and remain so for the entire night.

Games Galore

That said, they’re well-endowed with a range of exciting and risqué-party games to keep things exciting. Our dreamy gamesmasters can help you out with some of these decadent examples:

  • Guess What: This one’s all about using your senses to guess the correct naughty object. A mystery bag stuffed to the brim with choice objects is passed around. Hens take it in turns to score points, and the highest number of correct guesses wins.
  • To Do List: All hens work together to come up with the spiciest list of tasks possible. The bride must complete every task in the allotted time; game on! Favourites include serenading handsome strangers, lap dances to be given and received, and getting the number of another man with the same name as the groom.
  • No Hands: Four words: condom, banana, no hands. No prizes for figuring out what goes where. Our waiters can be the canvass on which the bride performs her art!
  • Truth or Dare: Travel back in time to carefree university days with this time-honoured ritual. This game works best when everyone’s equipped with a bit of liquid courage. A hen’s night could be the last time everyone gets to spill some of their naughtiest secrets and perform some hilarious and embarrassing dares. Your waiters can help to uncover some of these embarrassingly naughty truths, and be the subject of some decadent dares too.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Teams of hens racing against the clock to complete the most tasks from a predetermined list by the end of the night; the winners choose punishments for the losers. Your beautiful waiter acts as the faithfully impartial gamesmaster to verify tasks; you could even take him along for the ride!

Don’t tell the husbands or boyfriends, but our waiters are also exceptionally skilled with their hands and fingers, should some massages and pampering be needed.

Tidy Up Any Mess

Was it really a hens night if there wasn’t a bit of a mess left behind? Our strapping waiters take the strain off your shoulders – especially after weeks of planning an event like this – and make sure that the venue is completely spotless. The last thing you’d want after an exhausting and rewarding night is to pick up the pieces; let our boys worry about that while you enjoy a memorable girl’s night in peace.

Topless waiters are the perfect flourish to any hen’s night, making sure that everything’s running safely and smoothly without compromising on fun. Set yourself up for a guaranteed night of hilariously naughty fun, and let our genuinely lovely and gorgeous waiters take care of the rest.