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Magic Hens offers Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane the best hens and parties and packages for all types of nights. Hens or girls party, or any other special occasion. We’ve been organizing such parties, and events for over seven years and have the right package for you. Sit back and allow us to ensure an epic hens party!

Are you looking for a crazy, fun, and wild party out with the girls? Then you’ve come to the right place. MagicHens by MagicMen Entertainment is your destination for the ultimate girls party, with a range of thrilling nude male revue, male stripper shows and packages that will blow your mind!

When it comes to Melbourne male strip clubs & parties, we lead the pack with the best hens party packages in Australia.aa

We offer sizzling private dancers, daring all-male revue shows. These are some of the hottest party strippers in the business, and they’re waiting to show you and your girlfriends a good time.

One of the most important parts of planning your hens party Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane is choosing the perfect venue and the right package! Magic Hens has classy locales for you to choose from that make the ultimate setting for an incomparable party.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfection to every hens party, and that includes helping them obtain the very best venue. All our exclusive hens night venues and packages are brimming with glamour and glitz, so get dressed in your finest party wear and get ready for the red carpet.

At Magic Hens, we believe that VIP treatment isn’t only about delivering our party packages with excellence; it’s a lifestyle in which we want to indulge all our clients. From the transportation to the venue through to the drinks and party entertainment, we’ll ensure your night is the wildest party of fun for you and all your guests so speak to us about choosing the right party package.

By choosing a dress-up theme, everyone is on the same page from the beginning because you’re all dressed the same. Popular themes are flapper or Great Gatsby themes, or you can even dress as your favourite decade – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, the choice is yours. Just pick a theme that the hen will love and everything else will take care of itself.

Dress up themes are a lot of fun, and you’ll have albums full of parties to look back on. Team it with any of our popular packages, and you’ve got a night that everyone can enjoy.

Who doesn’t love a cocktail party? They’re classy, alcohol-fuelled and everyone gets to pick a beautiful dress. Of course, it doesn’t have to be all champagne and canapes. Why not get one of our topless waiters to ferry the drinks to and from the bar (and have a little fun in between).

Of course, you can even organise a visit from our strippers. They’ll put on a show and get everyone on the worst behaviour.

If a cocktail party sounds like your idea of a good night, have a look through our packages. We can look after venue hire, transport and even provide the alcohol and some very talented and very shirtless mixologists.

Is your hen a bit of a sports nut? Is she more at home smashing through an f45 session than cutting a rug? It’s her party, so it’s gotta be her way. Why not organise a bridal boot camp? Get all the girls to join in on an exercise session, or maybe play a match of netball or basketball to remind you of your high school days.

You can always hit the town afterwards, and the bride-to-be will be ready for a big night once she’s satisfied that exercise bug.

If you and the girls prefer green smoothies over manhattans and yoga over all-nighters, organise a healthy hen weekend. Book accommodation and get all the girls together for fruit platters, yoga, smoothies and even a massage or spa session.

It doesn’t all have to be stretching and rejuvenation. A healthy hen will love feasting her eyes on a sturdy set of muscles and abs, so get in touch with us for a home visit. Our hunky and athletic boys have the moves to wow all the girls, and they may even get the healthiest of hens in the mood for a few drinks and some fun after midnight.

Sometimes the best hens nights happen on wheels. Our party bus package means the theme takes care of itself. Everyone piles onto the bus, the music is turned way up, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is on their way to the perfect night out.

The bus includes a stripper pole, it fits 43 people, and it will ferry you to a Magic Men show. Our shows have become renowned around the globe as the best male revue show in Australia.

The best part about this theme is everything is taken care of. The price includes transport, drinks and a show and you won’t have to worry about getting home!

Is the special bride a bit of homebody? Why not organise a flower party at her home. You can fill their home with flowers and pink ribbons and make flower headbands, potpourri and everything else you need to make a little paradise.

Get everyone to turn up in a floral or white dress, and you’ll look like a team of angels, sipping on champagne, eating beautiful food and celebrating the wonderful bride.

If you want a little bit of naughtiness thrown in, organise a topless waiter to host some games. You can play truth or dare, trivia or even set up a scavenger hunt full of naughty items.

This is just a sample of the themes you could set up. When you’re coming up with ideas, just keep these tips in mind:

      • It has to be all about the bride.
      • It has to be something for everyone to enjoy (remember, Grandma might be there).
      • Make it affordable, and make sure all the important people can get there (a trip to Bali sounds fun until only 5 people can actually make it).

The most magical hens night

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If your hens’ party is just for you and your friends, there’s basically no limit to the amount of fun and naughty activities you can get up to. Of course, when there’s family involved, you do need to tweak things just a little – at least until it’s home time for the older members of your bridal entourage.

Luckily, we’re the experts at curating the perfect hens’ parties in Melbourne. We know how to craft an experience that suits absolutely everyone. Here are some hens night party ideas to focus on.

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Everyone loves dressing up. Go with a glamorous theme such as Cocktail, The Great Gatsby or even a Garden Party. Whatever the theme, a lot of the fun has already happened just by getting everyone involved, together and in their most elegant clothes. Add some high-end bubbles, top shelf liquor and a spread of canapes, and you’ve got something everyone can enjoy.

Everybody loves a limousine. It’s a real treat for your family members and a great way to add a fun activity to the start and end of this special day. Of course, if your mum and aunts are up for a party, opt for a bus. A bus is still high on class while the sound system ensures everyone arrives with their dancing shoes on.

Choosing the right venue is essential for getting everyone on the same page. Your mum and aunt may not love a nightclub, but they will love a house party or even a girl’s weekend away at a luxurious destination. Of course, staying in doesn’t mean the hen misses out. You can organise a topless waiter or stripper home visit and bring all that cheeky fun right to your door. After the right amount of liquor, everyone can be partial to a show by a very talented and very ripped performer.

Every woman loves ‘cutting a rug’. It’s a hens’ party, so you can’t learn to tango, however, you can learn the more seductive forms of dance. Everyone will love a burlesque dance lesson. It’s the right mix of cheek and class, and everyone can learn the moves. You’ll especially enjoy seeing your mum try it out, and it gets everyone on the same page.

To make this age-appropriate, you can do a bit of life drawing that isn’t quite full-frontal. One of our strippers, or topless waiters, will be happy to oblige. Of course, if everyone is ok with the ‘full show’, that can be organised also. You can even turn it into a competition and get the model to choose the winning drawing.

Hens parties don’t have to be all drinking, dancing and nudity. They can be a chance for personal improvement. In addition to learning the arts of dance and art, why not learn how to make some incredible cocktails. Our mixologists can teach you how to make every cocktail concoction, from the classics to the latest and greatest. Oh, and they do it all topless. You could even organise a cooking class to go along with the cocktails.

Are you and your hen a sporty little bunch? There’s no reason that a bit of yoga or HIIT can’t be incorporated into the day. Of course, we recommend you do it before any drinking takes place. There’s nothing like starting the day by getting the blood pumping and burning off a few calories, and you won’t have to feel guilty about all the alcohol, canapes, and even the late-night Maccas run.

A bit of bride-related trivia is always in order. Everyone will love learning more about the bride, and you’re sure to get some very embarrassing information from her. You can write down a series of questions and then go around the room seeing who knows the most. Or, you can quiz the bride on the groom. Just make sure everyone is nice and liquored up before this one kicks off. It’s best if everyone is under the influence of plenty of truth serum.

This is just a sample of what you can get up to. Bachelorette parties can be anything you like. Remember, the perfect party is one that suits both the bride and everyone involved. The special guest will have a lot more fun if everyone is involved, so make sure you consider every single guest when planning out the day.


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Perfect for the refined hen that doesn’t like things too sweet. You’ll need 50 ml Amaretto, 25 ml Lemon Juice, 12 1/2 ml Simple Syrup, dash Egg-White, dash Angostura Bitters and Lemon Zest for this one. Then, follow this method:

    • Add all ingredients into mixing glass.
    • Dry shake for 5 seconds.
    • Add cubed ice into a shaker and shake for 10 seconds.
    • Fill glass with cubed ice and strain in the mixture.
    • Garnish with lemon zest, spreading the oils across the glass.

This one’s for the hens that are young, or young at heart, and want to relive the glory days where everything was pink and sweet. Follow this method:

    • Place one shot of vodka and one shot of grapefruit juice in a champagne glass
    • Mix in some lemonade
    • Use a small amount of fairy floss as garnish
    • Drop some floss in the glass for extra flavour

Martinis are the classic cocktail, but unless you’re a liquor extraordinaire, they can be an acquired taste. This version is still all class, and the deep red colour is perfect for this day of celebration. Get together 25 ml vodka, 25 ml Chambord, 75 ml pineapple juice and three raspberries, then:

    • Put everything in a cocktail shaker with some ice cubes
    • Give it a good shake till it’s nice and frosty
    • Strain the liquid into a chilled cocktail glass
    • Use raspberries for garnish

You can use a tall or short glass for this one, once you’ve picked your vessel:

    • Fill it a quarter of the way with ice
    • Throw in a shot of vodka or rum (your choice)
    • Add one tablespoon of passion fruit and a teaspoon of brown sugar
    • Use some fresh lime juice
    • Top with lemonade or soda water

A perennial favourite when girls get together to celebrate. You’ll need 25 ml vodka, 25 ml peach schnapps, 40 ml orange juice, 20 ml cranberry juice and orange slice for garnish. It’s easy to make too, just put everything in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and pour it into a highball glass filled with ice.

Who doesn’t love mojitos? Do you know what’s even better? Watermelon mojitos. To create this incredible beverage just:

    • Fill a quarter or a tall or short glass with ice
    • Add a shot of Vodka or rum with a tablespoon of crushed watermelon
    • Top it off with a squeeze of fresh lime, some crushed mint leaves and a splash of lemonade

This is the ultimate in class, and it’s super easy to make. Just grab a champagne glass, add a tablespoon of peach puree, a touch of lemon juice and top up the rest with either champagne or prosecco.

Everyone knows this cocktail, and it deserves a spot at your hens party. Made famous by Sex and the City this one goes straight to your head:

    • You’ll need a martini glass half filled with ice
    • Add one shot of vodka and a half shot of Cointreau
    • Fill a cocktail shaker with cranberry juice and shake for 2 minutes
    • Pour into the martini glass and add a slice of lime

These are becoming among the most ordered cocktails at bars. They add all the earthy taste of whiskey with a sour, sweet flavour that will have you filling up your glass over and over again. Here’s how it’s made:

    • Fill a shaker halfway with ice
    • Add one shot of whiskey, and lemon juice, as well as one teaspoon of sugar and one egg white
    • Shake for two minutes and strain contents into a martini glass

This one is really easy and refreshing. Perfect for when those first drinks have dried you out, and you need something with a bit more kick. So, how do you make it? Just like this:

    • ¼ fill a glass with ice
    • Add a shot of lime juice and some fresh slices of lime
    • Top with prosecco or your favourite sparkling wine

Your hens party is among the most important celebrations you’ll ever get to enjoy. So, why spend that time making and serving your own drinks? Our talented and gorgeous topless waiters are expert mixologists and servers, so you and the girls will always be topped up.

Eye candy and delicious drinks? That’s what every hen deserves.


This is an informative checklist for planning the perfect Hens party celebration for that special bride to be made easy! This systematic fail proof checklist is best suited to Brides, Maid of Honours and Bridesmaids.

We all want to host the best Hens Party for that special someone, but organising an event is not easy, especially when you have a lot of guests and don’t know them all personally. The Ultimate Hens Party Checklist can help, we have planned thousands of magical hens parties over the years and have collaborated the perfect checklist for you. Let’s get started.

Start by getting the basics together, these will help you in the planning moving forward and safeguard any potential issues later. When meeting start with discussing the following:

Who are the other members of the Bridal Party?

You must remember it’s not solely the responsibility of the Maid of Honour to organise everything, even if you want to, it can become very overwhelming and stressful trying to get everything perfect working solo. Work together with the Bridal Party, allocate roles and responsibilities to each member, many hands make light work.

What is the date of the Hens Party?

Establish a date to work with for the special Hens Night, generally speaking they are hosted on a Saturday 6 – 2 weeks prior to the Wedding. This is just a generalised rule of thumb, some parties prefer Hens party weekends.

Who is invited to the Hens party?

Get a guestlist from the Bride to Be and the guests contact details, this will help you when you need to send out save the dates and invites.

What is the Hens Party Budget?

Work with the bridal team to work out a cost per guest, bear in mind not all guests will be able to attend the event. However, they may still be willing to contribute toward the day as a gift, always have this as an option. TIP: remember the higher the cost, the less likely everyone will attend, not all guests may be able to spend as much as you are willing to.

Set ground rules:

With respect to your special guest, make sure you abide by any ground rules she may have, you don’t want to have an upset special guest on the day.

This could be anything from a weekend away to a Hen’s party at home and most popular is a Hens Night Out. Here are a few ideas for you to explore:

    • A Hens Night Out at an all-inclusive Male Review Show
    • A private Hens Night In event with entertainment – Topless Waiters & Strippers
    • A VIP venue hire, feel exclusive with your very own private room at your favourite venue
    • Limo and Dinner with a Male revue Show to Follow
    • Day Spa, Dinner and Hens Party
    • A Hens Weekend Away

Once you have worked out what it is you are doing, start booking!

This is very important as venues and Hens night events book up fast, you don’t want to be left with a mediocre event for your favourite gal pal, you only get to do this once.

Simply follow these steps;

    • Send out invitations to all the special guests
    • Start collecting money from guests, make sure you keep good records
    • Buy the required hens party accessories and decorations etc
    • Buy and plan the Hens day Games and activities:
      • Pin the penis on the man
      • Pass the parcel
      • Musical Chairs
      • The Band-Aid Game
      • Balloon Pop Rally
      • Prosecco Pong
    • Make a Hens day / Night playlist for the pre-drinks, venue or limo
    • Finalise numbers and money collection, make sure this is done at least a week prior to avoid a very stressful week chasing guests for money, this makes it awkward and uncomfortable on the night
    • Send out final reminders 48 hours before
    • It’s Hens Party Time, let’s celebrate!
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A scavenger hunt is the perfect hens party game. Perhaps the best part is that it sparks that dose of competition which brings everyone out of their shell. It also gets everyone engaged in the day and ready to have a good time. Here are some ideas to include on your scavenger list.

When going through these ideas, make sure you keep the bride and all attendees in mind. Some of these will not be appropriate for Grandma (you may want to create an AM and a PM list).

Each of the options below is meant to be included on a piece of paper with a little check-box next to them. Your final checklist should have at least twenty options so use the following as inspiration.

drinks bar for dancers

This is a great option to include on the list. It means the bride will hear lots of nice (and a few mean) things about her throughout the night. It will also bring a few of the shyer hens out of their shells and ensure they get their chance to explain what the hen means to them.

This is the best way to embarrass a few hens. If your hens night will include a private space, make each one of them sing at the top of their lungs in front of the crowd. Or, make them do an extra embarrassing dance move – the worm, the robot or something a little saucier will do. You could even create a circle around her to draw even more attention to what is going on.

This is a great one. If you can find a guy that will serenade the bride, he will be one of two things – a good singer or very drunk. Either way, it’s going to be funny. Choose the bride’s favourite ballad and get an unwitting stranger to belt it out for all your entertainment. This one will be hard, so getting it ticked off will go a long way towards the big win.

This one really sorts the women from the girls. It’s on the butt, so it really doesn’t matter. Just make sure it’s a funny saying or even a symbol that means something to the girls. If you want to tick this one off, make sure you visit the parlour nice and early. Tattoos and heavy drinking don’t go well together. Whoever gets this one is odds-on to win the whole thing!

For this one, you need to track down another bride-to-be and buy her a drink. This is a great way to give your bride plenty of luck, and you never know, you may end up blending two bridal parties to create a super party! A groom-to-be could also count here, but it’s up to you to make the rules.

This challenge is two-part. First, you get the joy of asking every man in the room if they’re carrying a condom. Once you find that condom, the fun isn’t over. You then have to blow it up into a balloon and either carry it around the room or create a game of beach volleyball on the dancefloor.

This will require a bit of assistance on behalf of a chiselled guy (he may even be a professional). Lay said guy out on a flat surface and then do a tequila shot off his abs. That means you need to pour some salt in between an ab, tip some tequila on their, slurp up every last drop and then take a slice of lemon from in between his lips.

The key word is here SHOW. They can’t just tell you, they have to show and that means you will have to join in. You can’t say no if you ask, remember!

Before a box can be ticked, photo evidence of each completion must be taken. Never smile at a crocodile and never trust a drunken hen. If there aren’t any photos, it didn’t happen. Everyone has a camera on them at all times, so there really are no excuses.


Trying to plan a hens party? There are plenty of adventures on offer for your bride-to-be in our fair city. The problem is, the myriad options can become a curse when you’re left juggling ideas.

If you can’t remember the last time you had all the girls together for a weekend, the bride is sure to love this idea. Melbourne is surrounded by perfect spots for getaways. Enjoy wine and a soak in the springs on the Mornington Peninsula, head out for wine and gourmet food on the Yarra Valley or travel to the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region for a weekend of divine pampering.

If you want to relax and have a bit of fun too, we can provide you with topless waiters and strippers who will be happy to make the trip.

Remember joy rides when you were young? All the girls piled into a car, screaming your favourite song at the top of your lungs? Well, with a limo or party bus you can do that in complete safety. No designated driver, no need to overload, there’s plenty of space to drink and sing, and if you go with the bus option you can even dance!

You get complete control over the AUX cord, and we can even have a topless waiter or stripper waiting on board to provide the ultimate service and a very naughty private show.

There’s no reason your bride can’t enjoy a healthy weekend for her special day. If she isn’t into partying, why not book in for a spa weekend and a bit of yoga? After all that stretching and pampering, she’ll be more than ready for her big day. It doesn’t all have to be healthy. You could use the pampering and yoga as a way to either gear up or wind down from some serious drinking and dancing.

Plenty of places around Melbourne offer great high teas. This is perfect for the classy hen, all the girls can get together for a gossip, some mini sandwiches, delicious pastries and plenty of champagne. You can even host one at home for a hens experience on a budget.

Most friendship groups love nothing more than a bit of competition. Why not rewind the years and get the girls together for a bit of laser tag or even a go-kart race. Make sure you save the drinks until after you’ve torn around a dark room or zoomed around the track. This is a great way to get everyone together, and someone will enjoy bragging rights for the rest of the day.

Everyone loves boats. The groom may have organised a fishing charter for his bucks, but you can take a tour around one of Melbourne’s many beautiful waterways without the smell of fish guts. Organise a luxe yacht or cruiser, stock the boat with delicious drinks and delectable delights and get one of our topless waiters to serve it all up. That’s perfection.

If you hire out your own venue, you and the rest of the hens can get up to whatever they like. There are no rules (almost), and you’ll have free reign – no waiting in line at the bar or for the toilet and no being harassed by men that are intent on disrupting this most sacred of nights! Magic Hens can help you out with venue hire, and we have relationships with some of the best in Melbourne.

House parties are always amazing. They’re budget, there are really no rules, and no one has to worry about getting home. You can still enjoy incredible foods and drinks, and our strippers and topless waiters always say that things get a little crazier when everyone stays home. Choose your favourite theme, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a raging hens party.

Magic Hens offers a whole range of classes designed for hens. From seductive dancing to naughty art, we strongly recommend you use this opportunity to learn something that you’ll be able to apply for the rest of your life:

    • Cocktail Making
    • Lap Dance Class
    • Twerk Lesson
    • Life Drawing
    • Burlesque Lesson

Melbourne is packed with high-end eating and drinking establishments. If your bride loves her dining and wining, this is a great option. It’s especially perfect for smaller groups, and most restaurants will even offer a special menu that makes the whole thing affordable.

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Our Guarantee: “all inclusive hens party package in Sydney that’ll take the stress out of planning a great party…”

Whatever your needs entail, we have the best package for you! 

Sit back, relax and let MagicHens hens party packages serve you up some hot entertainment and create an event that will be talked about for years to come. Voted Australia’s Best Party Planners 5 years running, we are the experts in anything lavish and grand for ladies parties only.

We’ve taken the stress out of finding the best hen’s party ideas and package in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with our range of classy girls party packages that cater to any taste and budget. We can provide great entertainment, including tickets to see the boys strut their stuff on stage, private shows and sexy games. All this takes place in a steamy setting, while our gorgeous topless hunks keep the food and drinks flowing. Check out some of our great deals for your next hens do!

At MagicHens, we are a full service entertainment company which means we can customise any package to suit your hens party needs and budget. Simply fill out a contact form and tell us what you’d like included and we will customise our services to suit your taste. We cater our services to hens parties that want a classier experience and quality service and we will happily work around the clock to fulfill your needs.


So you’re in charge of organizing the best hens party, whether its in MelbourneSydney or Brisbane, and wanting the perfect ideas and packages at the right price? Imagine yourself in a room filled with flowing bubbly, glitz, and best of all – the hot, chiseled bodies of topless waiters all eager to meet your every need.

Thanks to MagicHens in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, your hens night fantasy can become a reality. Whether it’s a happening hens party, birthday bash, or just a wild party, MagicHens knows what it takes to get the party started. With only the hottest, most talented guys in the business, we have your hens party ideas packages, and party needs to be sorted. We offer a complete hens party Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney package to help you plan the perfect night out and provide all the party essentials to ensure it’s one to remember.


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Prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime with MagicHens. Whether you’re searching for a hens party package, party and hens ideas or just want to have a cheeky perv on our hot guys, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy with MagicHens. Hiring Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney’s hottest entertainment will ensure your hens party is nothing short of amazing.

With stunning venues that enhance the party atmosphere, transport fit for the red carpet and best of all – the biggest heart throbs in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney. you’ll be sure to feel the VIP treatment. Our MagicHens are the perfect combination of naughty, nice and cheeky leaving everyone yearning for more.


We work with the leading brands and clubs in the market.


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Looking for the best Hen’s Night packages in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane with a spectacular venue? Need ideas for a good old-fashioned girls’ night out with a sexy twist? Our hen’s night functions combine exclusive VIP venues, with great entertainment, food and drinks to create the perfect mood for Hen’s Night.

MagicHens have been voted the best Hen’s Night experience for 5 years running, ensuring your hen is in for a magical treat.


If you just can’t find the perfect venue or package for your hen’s night in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane maybe it’s right under your nose? MagicHens topless waiters, male strippers and hen’s packages can all be brought right to your door.

You can organise just strippers, just waiters, both or a full hen’s party package. We are here to take the planning out of your hands while making sure the event is exactly how you want it to be.

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Looking for the best Hen’s Night packages in Melbourne with a spectacular venue? Need ideas for a good old-fashioned girls’ night out with a sexy twist? Our hen’s night functions combine exclusive VIP venues, with great entertainment, food and drinks to create the perfect mood for Hen’s Night.

MagicHens team of MagicMen have been voted the best Hen’s Night experience for 3 years running, ensuring your hen is in for a magical treat.

A Hens night

Talk to our expert Event Coordinator about our packages and discuss your next night with MagicHens!



If you want a hen’s night to remember, then look no further than our MagicHens, we’ve got the team and a package for you whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

We know how to bring ultimate excitement and blood-rushing fun to your party with our successful stints with renowned clubs. You have the option of flexibility: either pick one of our packages that suit you or request a tailor-made one to rock you and your girlfriends’ night in Melbourne inspired by our creativity!

We’ve taken the stress out of finding the best hen’s party ideas with our range of classy girls night packages that cater to any taste and budget.



There are a variety of factors to consider when planning a Hen’s Night, but the most important thought should be about what the bride wants, or doesn’t want! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, then scroll through our packages and blog for some inspiration!

Is the bride a quiet and reserved person, or maybe she’s loud and outgoing? Either way, her personality will play a big role in the type of package you choose. It can be hard to please both the Hen and her group sometimes, but as the Maid of Honour it is your job to ensure she is comfortable and happy with the choices you make for her special day with her friends! We can offer recommendations for the type of package, topless waiter and stripper would best be suited to your group!

Does the bride have a large group of friends or maybe all her sisters and cousins will be part of her bachelorette party? Finding a package that caters for both small and large numbers will make it easier for you to plan the night. A per person rate can also help with the organisation of the party. Visit our packages page to see prices.


Yes! We can easily customise a package perfect for your special event. We offer a variety of additional upgrades to create a memorable celebration for your Hen or Birthday Guest. Just ask us how.

Tickets for the event are pre-purchased, with no tickets available at the door on the night. We recommend purchasing tickets early to avoid disappointment and to secure the best spot for your group.

Stage Show Tickets – To secure a booking with us we require two ticket deposits and an approximate number of guests. Your final confirmed number of attendees is due 1 week prior to your booking date. You may finalise your account 1 week prior via bank transfer or credit card or on the evening at the door in cash. (A 3% surcharge applies for all credit card payments).

Private bookings – We require a small deposit upfront to secure one of our Magic Men, with final payment being made on the night when you greet your private entertainer.

We host a show in Melbourne every Saturday night of the year. For Friday shows, you can find us touring around Australia! To book or check where we’ll be, fill in a contact form and we will have a reply to you within the hour.

Yes, male guests are welcome to attend our show. We cater to people of all ages and genders – both young and old, we are a gay-friendly venue!

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