Brisbane! Are you ready? Ladies, grab your girls and make your way to Magic Hens Male strip club, where some of Australia’s most handsome chaps take off their clothes just for you. Where the drinks are flowing, the magic is real and the night is still young. Magic Hens aim to entertain you with a night like no other; it’s racy and raunchy and oh so sexy! 3 hours of THE hottest guys, doing their thing in one outstanding show.

A night with Magic Hens is not your average night. It’ll take you to the edge of your seat in a journey into your soul. It is every hens party‘s dream scenario; before getting hitched, having the opportunity to spend the entire evening in a room full of men who will move and grove in sheer sexiness to the beat of the music. Men who will strip before you very eyes leaving just enough to your imagination.Let’s turn dreams into reality and make it one hell of a night.

Booking a night at Brisbane’s best male strip show is easy done. You can buy tickets online where you’re also able to choose which seats you would like, or you can pay a deposit for a group booking. Alternatively, before committing to just the show, give Magic Hens a call, and see what else we can offer you.


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every saturday night
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WONDERLAND BRISBANE - 633 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia


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B. General Standing   $50
  • Tickets are for Standing area only
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food
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B. General SEATING   $50
  • Silver reserved seating
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food
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C. Priority Seating  $75
  • Gold reserved seating
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food
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D. vip seating   $95
  • Guaranteed closest rows to the stage or VIP Booth on the night and priority entry into Magic Men Fever. Entry includes:
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food



Line up and check in
Pre-drinks & mingling with topless waiters
Show time!
Interval 1 – dance break
Part 2 Commences
Interval 2 – dance break
Final Part
Show ends & after party begins


Massive thanks to Matty Thunder for his fantastic job at my best friends Hen's night. The communication leading up the event was great and on the night he made the effort to communicate face to face with myself (maid of honour) to ensure everything was perfect before making his entrance! He was certainly the highlight of the night and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the show! Would certainly use Magic Men again for future events! Thanks again Matty you were the perfect gentleman and did a fantastic job!



The magic men show at fabrique night club was one of the best nights I've had with the girls. The boys were so entertaining and fun the entire night. Special thanks to Will and Ken for having some entertaining chats with me, those two topped off an amazing night!!

Brodie C.


Have been to your show twice now, all i can say is the show definitely keeps getting better. Great dance moves, loved the fire tricks and great friendly waiters an dancers. All the staff were awesome, and I personally saw some of the guys specifically gather together to pose with a beautiful girl in a wheelchair. You guys made her so happy. I thought it was turly beautiful that you guys include everyone. Thanks for a great night. I'll be back to see you guys in June



Have been to your show twice now, all i can say is the show definitely keeps getting better. Great dance moves, loved the fire tricks and great friendly waiters an dancers. All the staff were awesome, and I personally saw some of the guys specifically gather together to pose with a beautiful girl in a wheelchair. You guys made her so happy. I thought it was turly beautiful that you guys include everyone. Thanks for a great night. I'll be back to see you guys in June



If there were 10 stars I would give it!!! Not only are you gorgeous guys but you're gentleman! Thank for first the great night - definitely worth the 8hr drive from SA for my birthday! Thanks to matty Thunder, will parfitt and Zac Steele of course!



I won tickets for the show last night and I was not dissapointed in the slightest! The show was amazing, the amount of effort you boys put into the act really shows and I definitely appreciated it! Love how the boys interacted with the whole crwod during their acts and really looked after the girls delicately on the stage! After party was even better!! Will be back, thanks for a night I will always remember ! x



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The Magic Hens men are the kind of males that women see only in their dreams. They have it all. Gorgeous faces, beautiful bodies and sensational smiles. It will take all of your willpower not to reach out and touch them at every opportunity.

Lucky for you, on arrival and after the show, you will be able to mingle with the men and, with their permission, run your fingers down their rock hard abs. You might experience all 6” 3 of Apollo with his steamy moves or Sebastian with his arms to die for. All of these  can also be booked for private strips too!

The strip show is wild from start to finish and you’ll not be able to stop yourself from screaming and sighing. It’s one glorious concoction of dancing, stripping and hot bodies. There will be cheeky bow ties and other costumes to turn you on. The choreography is captivating, with tricks and treats throughout. Maybe a chair will spice it up for you. See how the lads use it in ways you wouldn’t expect.

The male strippers are sure to make a beeline for bachelorette and birthday parties, so be ready to get involved and live your every fantasy. Let him do his thing. You may even be lucky enough to experience him on top or underneath of you. Try not to blush too much!

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Although the show is the main attraction, there are many other aspects to a Magic Hens male strip club is to make it the ultimate experience. Even with a standard $35 ticket, you’ll enjoy these features;

  • Complimentary drink– When you arrive, you will all receive a glass of fizz to get this party started.
  • Topless waiter– In and amongst you all night long are our half-naked, but just has hunky topless waiters, serving you behind the drinks and food.
  • Hot finger food- What is a night without food? Fill yourself up with a great selection of finger food to keep you energised all night, because my goodness, you’ll need it! And all served by the butlers in the buff.
  • Fun and games galore–  The entire night is dedicated to enjoyment and frolicking, so if you’re up for it, so are we; body shots and lap dances, anyone?
  • Tickets to the after show party–  After the show, the fun doesn’t stop. Your ticket gives you entry to the dance floor so you can mingle with the men and let the party carry on for a little longer!

And if you want just a little more and be just a little closer, why not take a look at the Gold seating experience for $65 or even better Platinum experience (which also includes two complimentary drinks) and is only $20 more! But don’t worry, if you can’t stretch this far, wherever you sit, you’re guaranteed a fantastic view of the strippers in action.

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Hens, this is the unrivalled spot to create a party for the bride-to-be to let loose one last time. What’s more, Magic Hens is the perfect place to help you plan the event to make sure it unveils without a hitch. Planning parties is what we do, and we have the expertise to help you every step of the way. We design our packages to take the pressure off, so everything you need for a fantastic night is in one place and under the same roof, but with plenty of extras to make it your own.

All hen packages include the list above, but for a small amount extra, you could;

  • Arrive in true style in a hot pink limo
  • Hop on the party bus and dance your way to the venue.
  • Start the party during the day and enjoy a class such as life drawing, burlesque dancing, cocktail making,
  • Indulge in unlimited wine, fizz or beer.

Be sure to look in more detail at all the Hen Packages and decide which one is for you.

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Accommodation- if you’re travelling to the city, we can also help you with where you stay. Depending on your budget, we can recommend, reserve or book hotels which is another weight off your mind.

Photos- photos and videos in the strip club are not permitted. There is a professional photographer to take the snaps for you, so you can live in the moment and really enjoy the experience.

Respect- All of the men in the show and who are serving are true gentlemen and have absolute respect for the club’s visitors, so make sure you treat them with the same levels of respect.

Dress to impress- Not sure what to wear? Our recommendation is to dress to impress and make the most of the opportunity to look and feel gorgeous from head to toe.

Don’t be late- make sure you’re there on time, that way you’ll have more time to mingle and meet, get yourself settled and enjoy the food before the show begins.

You’ll remember the night forever- This is not the kind of night you’ll forget in a hurry. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll be crying; you’ll dance to exhaustion and see some seriously tasty nudity. It’s a night you’ll talk about for years to come, although, maybe just amongst yourselves!

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So, you delay any further! You know this is the perfect night for you, so chat to the other hens and decide which package is right for you and get in contact with a member of the Magic Hens team. Book with confidence and enjoy the glitz and glamour of one truly epic night!


When it comes time to plan a big night out with the girls, male strip clubs are the perfect destination of choice. Not only can you let loose and dance the night away, but you’re also in the box seat to enjoy the best male bodies going around – and they’re ready to show you a good time. What’s not to like?

The world is full of incredible male strip clubs that are taking female entertainment to a whole new level. No banana or whipped cream here – these spots are the real deal, with dazzling light shows, professional dancing troupes and pamper packages that make the Kardashians look like they’re in economy class.

So, whether it’s for a birthday party, a hens night, bachelorette’s or to celebrate your best friend’s breakup, hold on to your stockings. Here are the best male strip clubs in the world that are guaranteed to send you and your girlfriends into orbit on your big night out.

Did it just get a little hotter in here?

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Wondering what is an all male revue?

In general, people – even women – know what a female strip club is like. If they haven’t been to one themselves, they’ve inevitably heard about a friend’s experience going to one or at the very least have seen what it’s like on a TV show or in a movie. But for women, a female strip club can leave a lot to be desired. After all, where are all the hot men?

That’s where an all male revue comes in.

An all male revue, like a male strip show, can provide you with all the eye candy you never even knew you needed.

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Nowadays, an all male revue is just another way to describe a male strip show. But it better encapsulates the fact that it is so much more than a regular strip show you would see in female stripe clubs – it’s an experience.

For women, going to a strip club is more than just about perving on some hunky men – it’s a great way to have fun with a group of girlfriends and have something to chat and giggle about for months to come.

A lot of women, when they see male strippers, want to do more than just sit back and watch. They want to get involved and have some fun themselves. At an all male revue, it’s not uncommon for some women, after a few drinks, to get up and have a dance themselves. If you find yourself doing this, don’t be embarrassed! Male strippers love seeing the women they’re entertaining having just as much fun as they are. It’s one of the best parts of the job.

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Female strip clubs are usually pretty silent, and there’s generally a level of unease in the room. But at an all male revue, it’s the opposite. Women love to go a bit crazy and have fun and that’s what a lot of male strippers thrive on.

Don’t be afraid to be loud, whether you’re laughing and chatting with your friends or you’re whistling and jeering at the male strippers. Think of going to an all male revue as a big party – feel free to let loose and be a bit wild for the night.

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If you’ve never seen a male strip routine, prepare for your mind to be blown. Not only are all the male performers insanely hot (they could stand on stage doing nothing and it would still be an entertaining show) but they’re also very talented dancers and performers.

Male strip shows are all about maintaining high energy to reflect the room, and impressing all the female spectators with highly technical and impressive choreographed routines. The energy with which the perform on stage is extremely infectious, so no one will blame you if you start to bust out a few moves of your own. Trust us, you won’t be able to get the moves out of your head as you try to get to sleep that night.

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At a female strip club, customers often don’t really care about the types of girls they see, as long as they just get to perv on some boobs. At a female strip club, as long as you have double Ds, there’s usually isn’t much need for any actual dance talent or skills.

At an all male revue, on the other hand, all the male strippers have been carefully chosen. First, they have to have spent hours at the gym perfecting their bodies and getting chiselled and toned muscles. Beyond that, they also have to have a lot of talent and are often professional dancers outside of the club, which means they know a lot about what they’re doing. To be chosen to be on stage at a male strip club is a badge of honour, and male strippers know this and want to make sure their place is earned. That’s why you can always expect the best of the best at an all male revue.


Unlike a female strip club, an all male revue doesn’t take itself too seriously. While it’s not uncommon for female strippers to be grabbed by a customer and asked if they could have a private moment in a dark corner, a male strip club is more like a party where everyone’s having fun and being entertained. Women at all male revues just want to have a laugh with their girlfriends, cheering and laughing and throwing money to the hunky men on stage. And the best part is, male entertainers don’t take themselves too seriously either. more than anything they love seeing their customers being entertained and having fun.