1 STRIPPER - $300

Do you want him down to his jocks or full-on stripped? The answer is up to you.

• 15 – 20 minutes

• Full or Partial Strip



If one man isn’t enough for your group then why not step it up a notch and get two!

• 2 Full or partial strip shows

• 30-40 min total + photo opportunity

• Choose the guys to come separately or back to back



BASIC COMBO (1 strip + 1 waiter)

Great for groups small groups up to 20 people

• MALE STRIPPER 15-20 min show + photo opportunity after

•TOPLESS WAITER premium waiter service for food/drinks, photos, game hosting and setting up



STANDARD COMBO (2 strips + 1 waiter)

Great for groups of up to 30 people

• 2 Full or partial strip shows + 1 waiter

• 30-40 min show time plus hours waiter time

• Choose the guys to come separately OR back to back



Heading over to Sydney for a hens night party? Let us at the Magic Hens help you out! Take a look at each of the handsome Sydney male strippers below. Find out more about the men who’ll turn your dreams into flesh. Take time to admire their exquisitely sculptured bodies and unique personalities. Remember, what you see is what you’ll exactly get! That’s our promise!


Sydney – Famous for the magnificent Opera House, Darling Harbour, coastal metropolis and home to some of Australia’s sauciest, sexiest, sizzling male strippers.

If you’re looking for a night you won’t forget, make sure you head over to Sydney, because that’s where the party is. Girls, grab your ladies and make some noise because tonight is yours and these exquisite specimens want to excite and delight you in their one-of-a-kind shows.

Whether you’re after an all-out wild night or a tasty teaser, Sydney’s male strippers can accommodate your wishes and make you feel fantastic.

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Have You Ever Thought of Hiring a Male Dancer?

Hiring a male stripper may be something you haven’t thought of before, but believe me, it’s well worth it and if you’re organising a bachelorette party, you’re definitely in the right place. Magic Hens is the home of all things sexy.

Not all ladies are up for an all-out night in a strip club, but inviting a saucy dancer into your home for a more intimate and personalised performance is an option to make sure you get the best of it all. When a ridiculously hot entertainer is invited in, his attention is on you which means you can enjoy as much or as little of him as you desire.

So, if you’re still unsure as to whether hiring a male stripper is for you, here are the top 10 reasons why you definitely should!

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Some people love organising an excellent old shindig, but others find it much more of a challenge, especially when you’re also juggling a hectic life. Let Magic Hens be your life raft. Reserving and booking the lovely lads is so easy. Simply follow the directions on the website or call us. Tell us what you would like for your event and we’ll work our magic to make it happen.

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you can have your pick

Hand-picking hunks is the fun bit. Gather the girls and start scrolling through the gorgeous guys available for hire. Be careful not to drool whilst you do, we can’t blame you though, because their rock-solid bodies and irresistible looks will make you wish they were coming to stay forever. Take Dave S, for example – he’s cheeky, chiselled and hot, or Gus – a rare gem who is gorgeous, energetic and has a repertoire of earth-shattering dance moves. There is a magnificent male for you all.

What’s more, what you see is what you get. In fact, they’re even better and tastier in real life!

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you can customise your man

Not only can you choose the man of your heart’s desire, but you can also shape him to whatever makes your blood rush. Do you need a spunky superhero to save the day? Or dream of a wild cowboy whisking you away into the sunset? Or maybe you just love a badly behaved biker. Whatever floats your boat, our boys will make it happen.

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value for your money

From the second the lucky man arrives at your door until the moment he leaves, the performance is on. He is there for you and will put every ounce of energy into his show. For just $300, he’ll provide an action-packed 20 minutes of magic. If one guy just isn’t enough, why not double up for $600? And if you’re a naughty girl, a triple threat comes in at just $900. With each added stripper, you also have them for even longer. You can choose whether they come all together or separately and whether you’d like a partial or a full strip.

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this is your money

A bachelorette party is a bride-to-be’s last night as a single lady and it’s your chance to let your hair down and be free. Our male performers will make sure that the party is about you and goes out with a bang. You make the choices, you call the shots, and you say yes or no. Our boys will make sure that you receive the royal treatment that you so deserve.

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they'll get the party started

From the moment you hear the knock on the door, you all know the heat is about to become excruciating. Whatever time they arrive, you know it will be the climax of the evening.  It’s what you’ve all been waiting for and won’t be a disappointment

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they're so hot!

These boys are the creme-de-la-creme of Sydney’s men and they know it. Their Adonis-like looks and physique are nothing you’ve experienced before. What’s more, they have killer moves to match.

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the whole party will love it

Of course, it’s the bride-to-be who’ll primarily receive the full delight of the striptease, but a squeal of delight will escape all of your lips for sure. Don’t worry, really this show is for you all to enjoy. We vow you’ll all be involved, teased and left feeling loved and enchanted.

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you'll remember the night for all eternity

One thing we can promise is that this will be a night you remember forever. It’ll be a party like no other and you’ll have story upon story to laugh over in the years to follow. Remember to take lots of pictures to remember everything- and share them with us too! We love to see the fun and shenanigans.

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Male strippers have always been around, but the practice became somewhat mainstream in the 70s and 80s throughout Canada and the US. Of the movies made male strippers celebrities, and everyone seems to forget that Australia’s favourite gardener, Jamie Durie got his big break as a member of international stripping phenom, Manpower.

But, for some reason, female strippers have always enjoyed a bit more of the spotlight. A lot more movies and documentaries have been filmed inside their haunts, particularly when compared to their male counterparts.

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what is the difference between male and female strippers?

A significant difference between male and female strippers is the tastes of their clientele. Assuming we’re talking about males viewing female strippers and vice-versa (although we admit assumptions are always dangerous), female and male strippers have very different roles to play.

Men go to see female strippers for the nudity. You would be hard-pressed to find a man that heads down King Street because he’s a pole dancing aficionado. Female strippers do have to put a show on, but this show is often much more about the nudity than about their dancing skills. In fact, a female stripper home visit may involve no dancing at all.

On the other hand, women who go to see a male strip show are usually there for the actual show itself. The muscles and nudity are of course a by-product, but as you can tell from Magic Men, vast amounts of effort go into choreographing dance routines and shows. Female clientele usually head along to see male strippers with their friends. As such, they want to be entertained, they want to laugh, and they want to see some talented performers.


Male strippers usually work as a team. They do shows together in large groups, and when it comes to private shows they often team up in pairs. This is because male strippers usually entertain a group of women, rather than just one woman at time. Male strippers are careful to create a fun, non-threatening environment because that’s what their clientele are after.

Female strippers are more inclined to foster a one-on-one relationship with their clients (think about private lap dances, for instance).


In the byplay between a male client and a female stripper, the client is relatively passive. They just sit back and enjoy the show or the lap dance.

When it comes to male strippers, it’s a lot more of a two-way street with their clientele. Again, the nudity and the lap dances are only one part of the experience. That’s why male strippers work so hard to create a relationship with all their clients, where everyone feels safe and in the mood for fun. It’s definitely still based on nudity, but there is a lot more fun involved in the experience.


Perhaps a major difference is that not all male strip shows will feature full nudity. Plenty do, but you’ll have the choice about how much you do or don’t want to see. When it comes to female strippers, it’s improbable that clothes will remain on. The expectation is for at least some nudity, and it’s often full-frontal.


This is a big one. Male strippers are usually called upon for special occasions. Whether it’s hens night, birthdays or just an excuse for a girl’s night, it’s extremely rare for girls to call up a male stripper on a whim. Men, on the other hand, will organise female strippers for parties, buck’s nights and of course, whenever they wander by their favourite club.

Male strippers understand that their clientele will be celebrating a special occasion, so they put on a show to match that occasion. Females can expect a performer that is 100% committed to giving his customers the best time of their lives. Whether it’s through cheeky dance moves, naughty games or just playful banter, he will leave no stone unturned in making sure you have a night you can enjoy forever.

Of course, when comparing anything you have to turn to generalisations. But, one thing you can be sure of, is that private shows, hen’s nights and any other male stripper experience you organise through Magic Hens will be an unforgettable experience.