If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, is to be creative and spontaneous in creating surprises and gifts to keep the spark going for long-distance relationships. While technology makes the distance bearable, nothing can replace the feeling of having your significant other with you anytime you need him. So, we compiled the next best thing instead. Gifts that will let your partner know you’re thinking of them and you miss them the most.

Send the best gift to cheer your partner despite the distance

This list of best gifts to give your partner will lift his or her spirit especially when times are tough and you need a little pick-me-up. So read on, have your picks and buy them ASAP!

A Scent to Remember You By

Make the most out of your signature scent and give it as a gift to your partner. Prepare a small travel bottle with your favourite perfume so your partner can spray in on his/her pillow, sweatshirt, or basically anywhere when they need a little cheering up when they miss you!

Light Up Your Partner’s Life

Gift your loved one scented candles featuring different romantic places with Paris inspired candle, among others. Make these comforting scents light up their room and relax them from the stress of not being together.

Edible Love Notes

Level up your traditional chocolate game by sending these sweet nothings to your abe’s door. Send a message and chocolate in one – literally the sweetest long-distance relationship gift. And yes, you can also make the message naughty if you’re feeling it.

Full-blown Body Shakes

And speaking of a naughty gift, a quality vibrator also makes the best gift for your LDR partner. Your partner can surely feel you afar with this vibrating sex toy. And if you want to spice up your Facetime and regular video calls, this is a perfect tool to experiment with. Experience full-blown body shakes because your partner wants you to have the best experience and fun even you are miles away.

Sexy Coupons

Surprise your partner with a compilation of sexy coupons so you have something to look forward to when you reunited. Cheeky and naughty ideas like preparing a meal by a “naked chef”, getting or giving a lap dance, erotica reading, among others. Make your partner’s imagination run wild in the meantime and have him expecting a lot of fun when he returns home.

A Perfect Replica of His Willy

Before going into LDR, get a chance to do this playful moulding kit. Replicate your partner’s willy so you have something to remember him by before you go to different countries. But don’t worry, if you are miles apart already, you can have your boyfriend do this alone (though it may be a little difficult) but the outcome is so worth it. Have him ship it to your place. He will be proud of his replica made from a clone kit and will make your nights happy.


Gifts are perfect reminders of how much you and your partner love and care for each other. These sweet treat, adult toys, accessories are the best gifts to give and will let your partner feel how lucky they are and how your thoughtfulness makes every day bearable. Pair it with constant communication despite time difference and distance and days will go by fast. You will be surprised how fast months turned to days and you’re together again.