Just because you are going through quarantine, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have some fun. Yes, staying inside the home is indeed tiresome, but this is the time when you have to spend most of your time with your partner so that you can make the best out of it.

Netflix and chill sounds cool, but we have arranged some indoor date ideas that can help you to fix things up, and get close to each other than ever before!

You can give massage to each other.

You must create a peaceful and calm vibe by adding flower petals, tunes, colorful candles, and your favorite wine to share. Always remember that a massage is all about what your partner requires, so you must ask them what the areas that need special attention are.

Enjoy the time that you are setting to experience with each other on a much different level. Always remind your partner to let go, relax, and absorb all the good energy, which you have to offer. And, if you are totally in the mood, you can try the DONA Scented Massage Oil.

This massage oil is infused with aphrodisiacs that can spark and ignite your desire for each other by taking away the tension. These massage oils are available in three different sensual scents, Naughty, Sassy, and Flirty.

You can have a living room campout.

You can make tin foil dinners in your microwave, and can also have oven’s mores for dessert. Bring out the pillows and sheets (don’t take too many pillows), set up a tent, build a fort, then add your blow-up mattress or sleeping bags.

Also, you can create your custom trail mixture for the late-night snack. You can play board games like Dirty Deeds, Choose your pleasure (both can be downloaded from the website), enjoy a night under the stars, or watch your favorite movies.

You can make your own fondue.

You can satisfy your savory and sweet tooth by making cheese and chocolate fondue at home. Add some things to dip in like pretzels, berries, cake, veggies, and bread. All these things don’t have to be expensive.

Turn down the lights and pull out some wine glasses to set the mood. Finally, you must get rid of any possible distractions (like mobile phones) and enjoy the quarantine with your partner.

At-home paint night

Always use this time to make your creative juices flowing. You can have a painting session to express your affection and love for your partner. Also, line up a table with magazines, newspapers, or paper bags, and get your canvases ready.

Set up all the colors and water cups that you can find. If you can’t decide what to paint, then for a laugh, you can try painting some portraits of each other. Also, you can purchase the Love is Art Paint and Canvas Kit to get involved and messy.

Then, lay down the offered tarp and place the canvas over the top and pour some paint. You can also use your bodies to paint across and around the canvas, and make a creative work of art. If you find your painting attractive, you can visit the store and get it framed for a memory, which can last forever.

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Get to know your partner better.

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