You can click on the photographs below to be able to learn more about our sculpted topless waiters. These types of are all up-to-date photos, so just what you book is usually precisely what likely to get - typically the perfect hunky man, to serve beverages and food plus bring a lot of enjoyment and personality in order to your hen's night time or bachelorette party.


Topless Waiters Adelaide

Whether it's serving drinks, playing games or just simply each and every, our own topless servers definitely mark all containers. We now have a few of Adelaide's most gorgeous guys, almost all of who are here to make sure your own hen's party or girl's night away is memorable!

Our men would be the greatest professionals. They've all already been handpicked in order to make sure you conclusion up with the particular gorgeous males you deserve for the bachelorette party or even night out. Their own abs and arms associated with steel are usually matched completely using their cheeky personalities plus incredible service. Every one of them could hold down employment because a waitress at among Adelaide's top restaurants. Rather, they much prefer combining cocktails and waiting furniture without the shirt (is it getting hot in here?! ). Oh, plus did all of us mention they have perhaps the ways to match all those muscles?

Whatever your own personal style and preferences, Magic Hens can provide the hen's party you would like. Our male strip show and Topless Waiters Adelaide are unmatched in looks plus talent and eager to make your each wish their own command.

All of us handpick all of our performers for his or her rugged appearance and boyish charm -- but furthermore because every one surely treat a lady to the particular time of the girl life-that's what counts. In addition, our strip show have the ability to the particular right moves. Every 1 of them dances nicely and will certainly ensure that your party will go down in history.

If a person just want a stunning waiter to combine drinks plus serve them, they can do this. In case you would like someone to obtain the party going with some kinky games plus dancing, we are going to more than happy in order to help.

In case a night in your own home sounds such as your concept of the hen's celebration, then you'll be delighted to know that our males do home calls. They can even arrive with almost all the alcohol and supplies, so what you just have to do will be gather your besties and enjoying the time associated with your life.


Arranging any kind of event will not be easy. A person have in order to juggle points from your visitor list, strategies foods plus catering, plus the personnel to pull it away. The logjam of each celebration has the particular right folks handle the main tasks like entertainment and serving food items and beverages.

If you've visited a party regardless of whether that's the wedding, bachelorette, birthday, and so on, actually look forward in order to the very best kind of entertainment, food items and service. The best events have always that three ticked from their list. Plus perhaps you should, all of us simply would like the best of events with regard to our family members. And no, that's not as well much to ask.

How to Make Your Event The Best Talk of the Town?    

topless waiters

Entertainment comes in many forms depending on the event you are organising. A well-rehearsed sing and dance for weddings; a topless waiter and game host for hens party; talented performances during birthdays; or exotic male revue show - these are acts that can make every celebration eventful.

How to make your party the talk of the town - think outside the box. Have an open mind and try out things that are beyond normal. You can also level up the normal party scenarios. For example, you always need waiters to serve your guests the sumptuous food and drinks. Be extra and hire topless waiters who also double as eye candies for the night!

And speaking of food, you don't need to be a food expert to come up with decent choices in the menu. While every person has their unique palate and varying tastes, you still need to select the right meal for every event. Below are some tips:

Learn about your guests' preferences

Being an organiser, possess a good take a look at your guests' demographics. Are you currently attendees millennials, oldies, or perhaps a mixture of these? Is presently there an ethnic background you have in order to consider? Simply no need in order to carry on complete research for every of these but a minimum of get note associated with general choices of every age group group.

Prepare food choices

topless waiters

Using a lot of choices is difficult for the caterer, the staff and yourself. However with careful planning, you simply need 2 - 3 options for each and every meal. Consider different dietary restrictions and different types of as well as flavours. Yet be careful, no-one wants clashes in their taste buds and their tummy after the special event!

Coordinate the meal timing

If your program will run for 1 hour only, you don't need to prepare a 7-course meal that the guests won't appreciate. Same goes with long duration of events - meal timing has to be considered so the guests have energy and have something to munch on throughout the event. Coordinate with your servers and waiters the correct time to send the food to the guests. This looks minor but your attendees will definitely appreciate what you've thought about.

Good customer service with professional staff is the most noticeable thing in every event. Your host's hospitality always astounds you. You never forget if a server has been rude or didn't entertain your request. And mostly - no one forgets about bad customer service. No matter how beautiful the venue is, how tasty the foods are if the staff is unprofessional, it's the only thing you will remember of that event.

So, hire a food server, barista, or waiters that are known to take care of their guests. For example, hiring a topless waiter will ensure you hire staff with great charisma and knows not only how to serve the foods and drinks, but also how to work for the crowd. Imagine a crowd that feasts on foods served and the guys serving. Your party will definitely be unforgettable and will be the talk of the town for a while.

What Can Topless Waiters Adelaide Do?     

If by this time you already decided to hire a topless waiter, then you are in for a treat! Your guests will be surprised when they see gorgeous men roaming around your party serving them delicious treats and drinks.

topless waiters

Did you know that aside from serving foods and drinks, they can also do the following tasks:

  • Serve plates of food on trays and serving guests
  • Keep glasses filled
  • Host a game or two (prepared by you!)
  • Mix cocktails and drinks (recipe and ingredients provided!)
  • Check-in with your guests to make sure they are enjoying their meals and are having a good time
  • Chat and mingle with your guests
  • Take a photo with them and for them
  • Help in clearing away dirty plates, glassware, flatware and linens
  • Replenish foods and condiments


FAQs in Hiring Waiters for Events

Our own promise is really a hunk Topless Waiters Adelaide in nothing but pants and a bowtie. But in case you are feeling the little kinky, our topless waiters within Adelaide may also do "butlers in the particular buff" exactly where they are going to host your celebration in absolutely nothing but a good apron!

There is no specific solution for this one. This depends upon the sort of service you want, the number of your visitors, as well as the event. Our recommendation would be to possess a ratio of one waiter in order to 10 visitors for romantic or personal parties. Really feel free in order to add more if you wish your entire guests in order to be nicely taken treatment of.

If you want them to mix drinks, please get ready ingredients plus the formula. We recommend you in order to prepare the game and props in case needed plus instruct the particular waiter in order to host this for your group.

Any kind of as well as drinking water is going to be greatly appreciated simply by our hunks. We would appreciate your gesture in case you appear after all of them but this is not compulsory.

Our men are trained to do premium service during events and parties. If they went the extra mile to make your celebration special, feel free to reward them at your discretion. But just like the foods and water, this is not obligatory.

We recommend you allotting extra time for the whole duration of your party. Booked time is final and chances are, our waiters have bookings one after another. To make sure you still have an extra hand for the whole duration of the party, allocate two or more waiters and spread out their start and end time.

Yes, of course! We do events all over Australia and we cover suburbs in different cities. Our waiters would gladly travel to your place, there will just be a small travel fee depending on your distance from the Adelaide CBD.


Client experiences & testimonial

"Massive thanks to Matty Thunder for his fantastic job at my best friends Hen's night. The communication leading up the event was great and on the night he made the effort to communicate face to face with myself (maid of honour) to ensure everything was perfect before making his entrance! He was certainly the highlight of the night and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the show! Would certainly use Magic Men again for future events! Thanks again Matty you were the perfect gentleman and did a fantastic job!”
Stacey H.
"Went here for a hens night over the weekend and couldn't rate it highly enough! We had a big group of about 20 and were all looked after by the incredibly sexy, yet equally as polite and attentive guys. Perfect place to get your night started with drinks and entertainment. We also followed on to the club Fabrique where they had the Magic Men after party. Great music and bar service, PLUS some of the hunks go there after the show too!”
Anna N.
"If there were 10 stars I would give it!!! Not only are you gorgeous guys but you're gentleman! Thank you for the great night - definitely worth the 8hr drive from SA for my birthday! Thanks to matty Thunder, will Parfitt and Zac Steele of course!”
Lucy A.
"I won tickets for the show last night and I was not disappointed in the slightest! The show was amazing, the amount of effort you boys put into the act really shows and I definitely appreciated it! Love how the boys interacted with the whole crowd during their acts and really looked after the girls delicately on the stage! After party was even better!! Will be back, thanks for a night I will always remember ! x”
Tyler I.
“Have been to your show twice now, all I can say is the show definitely keeps getting better. Great dance moves, loved the fire tricks, and great friendly waiters and dancers. All the staff were awesome, and I personally saw some of the guys specifically gather together to pose with a beautiful girl in a wheelchair. You guys made her so happy. I thought it was truly beautiful that you guys include everyone. Thanks for a great night. I'll be back to see you guys in June”
Elaine H.
“The magic men show at fabrique night club was one of the best nights I've had with the girls. The boys were so entertaining and fun the entire night. Special thanks to Will and Ken for having some entertaining chats with me, those two topped off an amazing night!!”
Brodie C.