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Why not start your party by doing something totally unique, original and fun. By learning how to make some awesome cocktails the hens can show-off their abilities and naturally there has to be a competition at the end. The mixing of cocktails is an art form and we have the best teachers on hand to take you through the process of making the perfect cocktail.

Our talented team of mixologists will teach you about the various cocktails, the history behind them and some cool moves. This hands on experience will teach you all of the secrets that you always wanted to know and will make you the hit of every party. Amaze your friends with your cocktail making abilities and knowledge.

The hens will sample the cocktails and you can expect a lot of hilarious moments to start happening after a couple of cocktails have been sampled. Learn how to free pour, make classic cocktails and about the equipment needed to make a perfect cocktail.

Champagne on arrival creates the mood and after all the hard work of learning how to create a perfect cocktail, the hens will be divided into teams. The teams will compete against each other and each team will have to create, name and mix a cocktail of their choice.

Included in the evening will be delicious food platters, fun and game activities and naturally perfectly made cocktails. Learning how to make perfect cocktails is a great way to kick-start your party and it will definitely break the ice. Our team of professional mixologists is very friendly, have great personalities and know everything about cocktails that is worth knowing.

At the end of the session every hen will be able to make a variety of cocktails using the correct methods and they will also be able to create their own unique cocktails by using the knowledge gained. Do something different this year and spoil the girls with something that they can enjoy, have fun while doing and use in future to entertain their guests!


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