• 6:00pm - 9:30pm
  • tickets are for Standing area only
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food

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  • Silver reserved seating
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food

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  • Gold reserved seating
  • Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food

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Guaranteed closest rows to the stage or VIP Booth on the night and priority entry into Magic Men Fever. Entry includes:

  •  2 x Complimentary glass of Champagne.
  • Tickets to the after party
  • Hot finger food

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6:00pm⌛ Line up and check in
7:00pm🍸 Pre-drinks & mingling with topless waiters
7:15pm🕺 Show time!
15 min
💃 Interval 1 - dance break
8:00pm🕺 Part 2 Commences
15 min💃 Interval 2 - dance break
9:00pm🕺 Final Part
9:30pm🥳 Show ends & after party begins
6:00PM ⌛ Line up and check in
7:00PM 🍸 Pre-drinks & mingling with topless waiters
7:15PM 🕺 Show time!
15 MIN 💃 Interval 1 – dance break
8:00PM 🕺 Part 2 Commences
15 MIN 💃 Interval 2 – dance break
9:00PM 🕺 Final Part
9:30PM 🥳 Show ends & after party begins



Have A Great Time at Sydney’s Male Strip Show

The weekend gets super-charged as ladies come together to witness an amazing show that literally heats up the night. Our male strip show promises to give you wonderful performances that would set your emotions to pure delight!

There is definitely something to look forward to in this attractive and vibrant Australian city of Sydney. Watch the male strip club in this place and see how these appealing performers weave their magic on stage and capture your attention with their perfect moves.

Expect To Be Amazed!

Let your hair down and experience a different kind of entertainment that only Sydney’s male strip show can give. See for yourself why our men are awarded the Best Male Dance Group. Witness the live show that excites and captivates as they are performed by the finest men who have the looks and talent to get you carried away.
Expect the show to be full of intense and outstanding dance moves guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. We have on stage the charming and energetic strippers who can deliver top adult entertainment guaranteed to spice up your evening. From the beginning to the end of the show, all you will see are the powerful and extraordinary talent these men have.
Our male strippers devote long hours of practice and exercise to ensure that their bodies are fit and able. Talent coupled with practice gives you a spectacular presentation that is way beyond your imagination.

Every Saturday, the stage becomes alive with the gorgeous dancers giving their all-out performances. Shark Hotel in Liverpool Street Sydney opens its doors to you at 6:00 p.m. Show starts at 7:15 p.m., with dance breaks in between.
Sexy topless waiters will roam around serving you champagne and finger foods just before the show commences. Feast on them as you wait for the main event of the evening.

There is no stopping these stunning entertainers in giving their incredible dance routines. For the whole show, you get nothing but superb performances that are more than what you expected.

Party place ideas for all levels include:

  • Island or beach getaway
  • Passion Party at home
  • Exotic Dance Lesson Studio
  • Cooking Class School
  • Male Strip Club
  • Winery
  • Restaurant
  • Nightclub Studio
  • Concert
  • A day at the Salon or Spa

Enjoy Our Hens Night Special

For someone who is about to be married and whose days as a single girl is about to end, a surprise celebration will definitely make her happy. Treat her to a hens night!
Celebrating hens night at our male strip club will make it more memorable. We have packages and deals to provide for your every need. Plan your party with us, tell us what you want and we will do the rest.
We call our package Hens Night Special. It is specially created to fit your needs for that special event. For a minimum of five guests at $95 each, you can have a worry-free party on a Saturday night from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
For three hours, you get to enjoy unlimited drinks – champagne, soft drinks, house wines. Finger foods are also served, who else but by our topless waiters! You are also given entrance to a spectacular strip show and an exciting after-party event.
The lady of the night may be called to the stage and be treated with exclusive attention from our hot performers. This is absolutely optional, but of course, you would not miss the chance to be the centre of attention of these charming men.
These are just some of the deals you get from this package. There’s great news! Hens night package can also be availed for other celebrations, like birthdays or just a simple night out with friends. For complete details, we would be very glad to hear from you!

Here’s To A Delightful After-Party!

After the extraordinary strip show you have just witnessed, it is not easy to let go of the excitement and fun! I know you wish the evening would never end.
This is why we have an after-party! Spend the rest of the evening enjoying and having a good time with your friends. Show your moves on the dance floor and dance the night away! Drink and hang out with everyone and experience the time of your life.

Male Strip Clubs Dos and Donts

Once in a while, we want to relax and have some time to unwind. Going to a male strip show is a great alternative to have a nice weekend getaway. Here are some tips to help you make your visit a fun and delightful one:

  • Courtesy is In. While you are inside the premises, be mindful of your behaviour. Everyone deserves respect. You want to be treated nice, too, don’t you? So do not be an unpleasant guest, mind your manners!
  • Don’t Drink Too Much. There is nothing more embarrassing than a drunk guest. Be sure that you can control your alcohol intake. Although each of us has different reactions to alcohol, it is always safe to drink in moderation. Remember that too much alcohol can make you do improper things that may spoil the fun.
  • To Take Or Not To Take Photos. We do not allow photos or videos to be taken during the show. Simply put, do not attempt to take photos even how tempted you might be. However, we have an official photographer who takes photos of the event and posts them on our webpage. Check them out as soon as they are uploaded.
  • To Touch or Not To Touch. Those attractive muscles are so inviting that you can not help but touch them. We allow our guests to touch our strippers up to a certain extent, but it would be safest to ask them first before we do that.
  • To Tip or Not To Tip. Giving tips is not encouraged or required, but is always welcomed. Giving tips to our hot strippers and topless waiters is one way to show that you appreciate their effort in what they do.
    Just Be Happy. You came to the strip club to enjoy and have fun. Unless it is really important, it is nice to do away with distractions that will ruin your party. Forget about your worries and problems for a while and leave your cares behind. Be totally captivated by the performances and just be happy!
  • Draw the Line. Although our stunning entertainers captivate and attract you, remember that they are dancers whose main goal is just to entertain you. They are professional workers who have private lives, too. Do not assume that there is more to the performances that they do.
  • Observe Club Policies. There are certain rules that we follow while inside the strip club. They are generally easy to follow, mostly just to ensure that the events will go on smoothly as possible.

Reserve Your Tickets!

Book your tickets as soon as possible to ensure that you get the best. Choose from General Standing, General Seating, Priority Seating and VIP Seating. The price range is from $35 to $85. Each ticket entitles you to the entrance to the strip club, complimentary food and drink, the amazing live strip show, and the after-party. For full inclusions, we are always here for your queries.
We have great deals and packages that match your needs for a stress-free celebration. Go ahead and let us know. Just give us a call and we will be glad to attend to your needs.

Difference between Male Strip Clubs vs Female Strip Clubs

When some women go to book their first wild night out at a male strip club, they want to know what it’s like. Is it the same as a female club? We all know that female strip clubs are popular around the world, and many ladies have found themselves at one point or another in one of these clubs with their friends.

Many also have one question in their minds: ‘that’s great….but where are the hot guys?’

The main difference between male and female strip clubs is, of course, that male clubs solve this little issue by displaying some of the best torsos in the business. But what else?

While there are aspects of strip clubs that women do happen to enjoy, there are many things they definitely don’t. That’s why male strip clubs and parties run in a slightly alternative way – so they are tailored specifically to giving the girls a good time when letting their hair down and having some sexy fun.

Here are some of those big differences to give you a taste of what to expect at your first male strip club:

While guys enjoy having a perve and everything lasers in on sex appeal, girls aren’t all about that. When they go to a strip show they want to have a lot of fun and a good time with their friends. This is a big difference and it shows in both types of clubs.

For women, it’s about the whole experience of being there and having a good time. It’s having a drink and getting up for a dance, and getting a little fun-filled entertainment. When they go home they talk about the experience of being there, just not the strippers. Male strip clubs know this and make sure the finer details of the night match the antics on stage.

In a female strip club, a name can be announced by the MC over the microphone and you can hear a pin drop. But in a male strip club, everyone goes crazy!

The room explodes in big cheers and ladies love to give their girlfriends a jeer and a whistle. It’s a big night out at it’s finest. Guys at these clubs want to enjoy in silence and connect with people individually. For girls, throw all of that out the window. Ladies want to enjoy time with their friends, drink and dance and have a night they’ll never forget.

Male strip clubs are a big party for the ladies. And guess what? That’s what they get at a male strip club. Every. Single. Time.

If you ever wondered who has the better stage show – males or females – you clearly haven’t been to a male strip club. Those who have will know exactly who to put their money on because the guys blow girls out of the water.

Male strip shows are highly choreographed and high energy fun. They put more organisation into their stage sets for the best entertainment. Don’t worry, this isn’t Broadway – but let’s just say you’ll be dancing along to every step in the club as well as the ride home (and probably in bed later on). You won’t be able to get it out of your head.

At bachelor parties and female clubs, men want to see bodies and girls doing dirty things (the more dirty, the better). They’re just not there to see any skills or real dance moves or anything. They’re there to see some boobs, get their fill and take themselves home.

At male strip clubs, everything is different. These guys spend hours and hours in the gym to have some of the hottest bodies you have ever seen in the flesh. They are often professional dancers with credits outside of the club so they know what they’re doing. In most female clubs anyone can walk up and get a gig – in male clubs, the stage is a place of honour.

In female clubs all of the lads are spread out, silently watching a basic floor and pole routine and hoping for a lap dance. Girls, on the other hand, don’t really want to be grabbed and grinded on in a dark corner by themselves (If they wanted that, they could have dropped in to the local dive bar).

Imagine a cheering crowd of ladies huddling around a stage, throwing money at a smiling guy hanging sideways off a pole. He ripples his body to show off those amazing abs while wearing the stupidest costume you’ve ever seen. Male strip clubs don’t take themselves too seriously and girls love it. If you want to spend your next hen’s night cry-laughing until your face can’t move, book a male strip club now!

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